Helpful History

-Helpful History-

All of our Earth's real history from the year 778 and back does exist in The Fallen World role play. See 'In the Beginning...' to read the story of how The Fallen World came to be in 778, how and why most (not necessarily all) of the history has changed, and will continue to change.

To better understand what sort of our real history exists in The Fallen World so that you can play on any of it accordingly, we have provided you with a historical timeline. The history on this page is past 'significant' history to give you a better idea of how to play storylines without contradicting the present Fallen World.

Important Note :When it comes to our real-life history and our storylines, we are lenient with accuracy. If you make a contradicting historical mistake in a storyline, it is okay. Even we are likely to make these kinds of mistakes ourselves every now and then.

As with anything, just use common sense. The current date (though it will not be 778 forever in our role-play) is 778, so try not to make the mistake of playing out a storyline such as this example: You state that the Egyptians develop hieroglyphics, but hieroglyphics were developed in 3000 B.C. They already exist in The Fallen World. Everything that happened after 778 in our real history can be 'different', or even non-existent, in your storylines. Just do not get outlandish with it! The world has fallen, and life as we know it has taken a much different course than our real history.

You may also consider playing a character that is a real historical or legendary figure. Just make sure you do your research before choosing one. For instance, you cannot play Jesus Christ because he was crucified in 33AD. You cannot play Augustus Caesar because he was assassinated in 44BC, unless of course, you play Augustus as a vampire and create a story of his death to where everyone thought he was dead, but he was embraced by a vampire. Just use your imagination, but make sure it is plausible. Also, be sureyou also claim any real-life historical or legendary figure on our claim thread, so we will not have, for instance, two Julius Caesar's running around.

Historical Timeline

-60 000 - 3000 BC-

60 000 -
Neanderthals prepare careful burials of the dead
30 000 - European Cro-Magnon hunters create the earliest cave art
25 000 - Early fertility cults represented by 'Venus' figurines
9000 - Beginnings of agriculture and more settled lives in the Middle East in Neolithic (New Stone Age)
8000 - Jericho in Jordan settled and fortified
4000 - Megalithic tombs of Europe
3100 -Newgrange passage grave built in Ireland

-3000 - 1700 BC-

3000 - Egyptian hieroglyphic script developed
2900 - Menes, king of Upper Egypt, unites Egypt and founds the first Dynasty of Pharaohs
2800 - First stage of Stonehenge built
2600 - Imoteph builds the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, in Egypt for Pharaoh Zoser
2550 - Great Pyramid built at Giza for Pharaoh Khufu
1950-1650 - Old Babylonian era-extispicy has become a science
1766-1050 -Shang Dynasty established in northern China

-1700 - 1000 BC-

1600 - Hittites rise to power and crush Old Babylonian Empire 1500 - Last building phase of Stonehenge
1353-1335 - Akhenaten, the heretic pharaoh, promotes the worship of Aten, an aspect of the sun god, as sole deity
1333-1323 - Tutankhamun restores the old Egyptian religion 1233 - Moses leads the Israelites out of the land of Egypt
1220 - Destruction of Troy, probably by Mycenaean Greeks
1200 - Destruction of the Late Bronze Age civilisations of the eastern Mediterranean
1000 -The Rigveda Hymns of India are written down

-1000 - 600 BC-

961-922 - King Solomon builds the great Temple in Jerusalem 935-860 - Assyrian Empire stretches from Mesopotamia to as far west as the Mediterranean
900 - Etruscans appear in Italy
900-850 - Damascus becomes major centre of Aramaean power and culture
800-300 - Age of Prophecy among the Hebrews
800-200 - Olmec civilisation-builders of first pyramid in Mesoamerica at La Venta in Mexico
753 -City of Rome founded

-600 - 4 BC-

586 - Nebuchadnezzar, Babylonian king, destroys Jerusalem and deports Judeans to Babylon
563 - Birth in Nepal of Gautama Buddha, founder of Buddhism 550-530 - Cyrus the Great founds first Persian Empire-allows the Jews to return to Judea
546 - Croseus, king of Lydia, consults the oracle at Delphi, Greece
509 - Foundation of the Roman Republic
500-479 - Persian Wars against the Greeks-Athens emerges as the leading Greek power
451 - Birth of Confucius
336-323 - Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia, creates empire from the Mediterranean to India
300 BC-AD 60 - Iron Age Celts in Britain create Uffington White Horse
210 - Great Wall of China built
27 -Augustus becomes sole ruler of the Roman Empire

-4 BC - 500 AD-

4 BC-AD 1 - Birth of Jesus Christ at Bethlehem
33 - Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
70 - Romans destroy Jerusalem and the Temple
79 - Eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Italy-Pompeii buried
313 - Constantine has vision of the cross and makes Christanity the official religion of the Roman Empire
433 -Attila, king of the Huns, ravages western Europe, signaling the end of the Roman Empire

-500 - 699-

500 - Christian emperors close the last temple dedicated to the Great Mother Goddess
527 - Justinian, new emperor of Byzantium, sets out to restore the old Roman Empire
565 - Saint Columba encounters, and quells, a monster in Loch Ness, in Scotland
570 - Muhammad, Prophet of Islam, is born in Mecca in Arabia 593 - The printing press is invented in China; it uses wooden blocks
594 - Buddhism becomes the official religion of Japan
507 - Saint Augustine, sent by Pope Gregory I, arrives in England to convert the Anglo-Saxons
618 - In China the Tang Dynasty begins; Chang'an, its capital, becomes the world's largest city
622 - The rulers of Mecca force Muhammad into exile; the Muslim era begins
641 -The Persian Empire falls to the Muslims, who impose Islam and the Arabic script

-700 - 849-

c. 700 - The temples of Teotihuacan in present-day Mexico are destroyed
711 - Muslims from Morocco invade and conquer Spain
c. 759 - The Maori begin to arrive in New Zealand in their canoes
763 - The city of Baghdad is founded (in modern Iraq) and becomes the centre of Islamic culture
776 - Saxons storming a castle on Europe's river Ruhr see flaming shields in the sky