Gabrielle Samyaza

Gabrielle Samyaza 
Race: Fallen Angel 
True Age: Ancient 
Apparent Age: 25 
Powers & Special Abilities: Flight (Angelic form), Summoning, Memory Manipulation, Supernatural Speed (up to 10 times the strength of a human), Supernatural Speed (up to 5 times the strength of a human), Banishing (Personal Sword), Levitation, Mind Reading, Telepathy (With Illimar), Healing 
Bloodline (if Vampire): n/a 
Empire (if applicable): n/a 
Title/Rank: Commander of Illimar Forces


Gabrielle Samyaza was twin born to Gabriel, the trumpeteer of The One, though her abilities led more to her kinship with Michael, General of The One’s Armies. Second only to Michael in the art of War, Gabrielle was entrusted to assure a way to eliminate the expanding threat of the Demonic races, mainly the unchecked Archonic growth to originally over two hundred tribes. Her strategy came to pass with the chosing and joining of 14 companions, originally 7 male and 7 female Angels. Their immediate training was to learn to mimick other races, though only singular races, not half breeds. Because of the dark waters of the source of the Demonic taint, she named these 14 the Illimar, “Dark Water”.

These 14 trained and began their missions, which Gabrielle was given much glorious recognition for. The Archons, the demons seen as the most threatening to The One’s plans were now dwindling in number under her command. But this would be a short lived Glory. One of the Illimar, a female, fell in love with one of the Archon’s she was supposed to kill. She failed to complete her assignment and it was believed that she had even given over secrets to the Archon that would put other missions in danger.

Having put the female Angel on trial, in her absence, she she decided to stay with the one she loved, where she was found guilty, Gabrielle had no choice but to order her death for treason. This was an Illimar problem, this would be an Illimar task to eliminate. A dinner was set up in celebration of the Illimar’s success. Though this was not a normal dinner, nor was it planned to be. The 13 others met with the female Angel and slaughtered her, by removing her wings, and decapitating her, as per the plan.

What was not with the plan was that a surge moved through them and left a lasting mark upon Gabrielle as they all Fell from Grace for the action taken. The surge was said to have moved through a necklace that the female angel had been given by the Archon. That surge of energy innately told Gabrielle the curse bestowed upon the Illimar: to be doomed to be reborn again and again until they learned from their mistake.

Gabrielle, not too liking of the punishments handed down, continued to lead the Illimar until the 13 were all poisoned at a dinner some 400 years ago. None of the remaining Illimar survived, though the first pair to return did so about 25 years later. Since then, Gabrielle has looked to find all the returning Illimar and the one that started the cycle. It is not truly known how Gabrielle will react when the reborn soul is found of the one they killed for treason.

In most cases she is not seen as a warm individual, very businesslike in nature, except to those of the Illimar. Her tactical skills still remained hone, and now that the Marakai has been opened up, Gabrielle has more things to worry about than finding this one. She has never truly let go of helping the humans against evils greater than themselves, nor have the Illimar. is unknown how many, if any, lovers she has had. She likes her privacy in that respect, and not even the Illimar have dared asked their General such a thing. 

Quote: “If it is more beneficial to the cause that you live, then so be it, but cross me, and you will wish you had never seen my face.”