About Avatars

-About Avatars-

We allow the use of avatars in our forum, but there are a few simple rules to follow when choosing one.

1)... Character avatars must be a picture of your character. You may change your avatar as often as you wish, to what picture of that character that you want, but it must always be that character's picture and nothing else.
2)... Screen name avatars (when on an out of character account) can be just about anything you want to use. It can be a real-life picture of you, a graphic of any form, a fantasy-type picture you found on the net in an avatar collection, etc.
3)... Take into account that all avatars (character and screen name) must be around the same size as Krisper's and Dizzy's. They do not have to be exact in size, but please, nothing too much larger or smaller.
4)... Avatars cannot contain pornographic material, vulgar or pornographic language. If you do not know what 'pornographic' language is, email us and we will tell you.
5)...Be careful using copyrighted material found on the net, in your avatars.