--Current Date: 785, 7 years after The Awakening of the Marakai--

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War ravages the Earth...
Vampires, Lycans, Demons, Fallen Angels... The world is filled with them. New breeds and new generations are on the rise. The world has come to be in a state of chaos and the dark legions of the Marakai are growing at rapid pace. The Vampiric Territories are spreading and the borders between families are ever changing. The Authurian Bloodline, the most notorious to date, had taken over France, Poland and the Byzantine Empire, but now hold the separatist nation of Gaul, Russia, and much of Asia commanded through the Byzantium seat. The rumors of these Vampires aligning themselves with the demons of the Marakine Empire are almost certainly true, but no one has been able to completely confirm this. Movements of key Authurian officials to these places have been noted. They are seen as sitting idle, but in truth, they are ever-vigilant in their task to conquer earth, by any means necessary.  Charan Authurian seeks to bring Asia back under control before the demons can gain a foothold in a resource wealthy area of Earth.
The Marileus family has entered into a pact with the Roman Empire after freeing half of the Frankish Empire from the Authurian's grasp. Poland is still in contention, and the battles wage heavy casualties on both sides. Under new leadership, the Marileus seek to liberate the other families from the clutches of demonic hordes that have been noted within the earthly plane. If this causes the death of all Authurians, even those that would pledge an alliance with them, the Vampiric Underground would see it happen.  But will the Marileus find that there are some Authurians willing to help them in the effort to defeat these demons? Will they set aside an age old blood-feud and work with them? Or are the efforts of these Authurians for naught?
Rome seeks to reinforce Egypt and France, and take back Spain, to build upon the Empires that have been ravaged by a war most have little knowledge of, but are becoming rapidly aware of as time goes on. Gauis Xerxes Caesar and High Legatus Tiberius Meridius set forth plans now with the intention of solidifying the fate of the human race along with the fates of those who fight along side them. Will the Gods and Goddesses answer their prayers?
In this New World, you never know when you're fighting a demon, a human or a vampire. Not anymore...
The re-emergence of the Fallen Angels, both light and dark, have been filling the  conversations of many a townsfolk member. The collective interest of human survival has brought forth a cooperative nature with the humans, vampires and even lycanthropes, to see this done. Fallen Angels of the Light, some made for assassinations others just willing to pose as Deities to bring a unity among the humans are becoming more and more prevalent. The emergence of half-breeds and advanced humans stemmed from their loins and wombs and the rebirth of ancient heroes shows this to be the utmost commitment. 
The Vikings of the North have now come to seek help from their oppressors: The Roman Empire. Am alliance has already been made through a marriage of high political influence, but will the Empire willingly back this alliance and send aid where asked? Spain is under fire and this alliance, if unbroken, could push back the Marakine forces into Portugal and gain a much needed win on the Empire's part, giving them a link between the North, France and Rome that hasn't been seen in Ages. 
The main Isle of Briton comes to view an alliance between Pictland and Mercia, bringing back Royal blood to the throne. All the while, every self-proclaimed King and potential regent has been killed. Will this alliance survive the onslaught or will it too be put asunder? 

In the Marakai...
The Urandrum have finally deemed it necessary to take back control from the Archons that have been lax in their duties at running the Marakai since it fell into darkness. Their task to protect the IV Marakine Beasts at all costs has been put into peril and now they must bring back order to the chaos that the opening of the portals has put into the realm. Even within their own ranks, alliances have been forged with some of the most ruthless Vampires to date, and all the while, past indiscretions against those that would truly be seen as Gods and Goddesses, such as the Ancient and most powerful Wizard to date, Bayloc, and the eldest and perhaps first of all Oracles, Escharia, are coming to light. 
To begin their ascent back into visible power, the Urandrum Radu Haji and Maeve Akil have risen to seats of power of the most influential areas of the Marakai. Haji, after removing the Empresses of the Marakai from power publicly, has taken the throne as Emperor to begin the New Marakine order. Akil, after nearly two centuries of being a silent protect of the richest province of Airis-Ivis, has stepped forward and proclaimed herself Regent, which has been desired by a great many. Very few know what these two truly are, and those that find out may find themselves dead shortly after. 
Brada has been stolen from the Urandrum Overlordess Aziza Bast in her absence by Archon Boriaz O'Doun, and Mithoul is coming to find its own Regent coming to power with both Itziar elders Meltuho-Nyne and Axidus at the helm. The Archonic Inner Circle is quietly being plotted against by another Urandrum, queen-to-be, Akar-Sha Uourine, as she helps remove the weakest links within the Archonic Circle, through Axidus of Mithoul. Two provinces being led by ones that seek power to its fullest and two provinces being led by those that loathe governmental influence and do not thrive on power, but the four to five strongest in the seen Marakai have been tasked to bring it back into order. The only contention that will be up for questioning: Will Axidus take his place as rightful King of the Archons and place Meltuho-Nyne as leader of Mithoul? Or will he grasp both and only keep Meltuho-Nyne as his advisor?
The portals? One must decide whether the humans and other creatures have found the portal from Earth to the Marakai, a chance landing at best, useful to their own ends, or have they just begun their journey into the unknown. The Urandrum are now seeking answers to what lies beyond and why the portals were opened in the first place. Will the humans and creatures of Earth find the answers before them?


One of the IV Marakine Beasts, is uneasy as the exploration takes a toll on the safety of She and Her family, the other three of the IV Marakien Beasts. Is it that She senses the end of Their existence? The First, Her linked and the Mother of the Urandrum feel the most heaviness from Her. Will they figure it out in time, or will Her uneasiness put Her linked at risk? Will this cause the rise of the Urandrum once again to power? Will the first ever born of the Urandrum blood-tainted be discovered alive after eight centuries of being hidden? Will the darkness with this Son of the First prevail after his true existence is revealed, not only to him, but his last surviving parent? Will the Ancient Wizard finally gain his freedom for this great revelation?


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