The Fellowship Alliance

*-* TFA - The Fellowship Alliance *-*

The Fellowship Alliance is dedicated to the Freedom of Expression and Growth through Constructive RolePlay.

In the Communities of The Fellowship Alliance, one will not find the things that the normal MSN RP Communities fall prey to, such as typist bashing and real life squabbles taken out on the message boards and into the rooms. Yes, members of The Fellowship Alliance consider themselves good friends, but by no means does this mean that we take our friendships into the RPs.

Many communities claim such, but the communities you will find in this Alliance will prove that they are sincere about reducing the Bull Shyte. Many persons have been ousted for their antics already, from both the communities and the rooms. We will keep our promise and keep out the unneeded materials.


If you ever find yourself in a situation that you are suffering from the "B"lue "S"ky treatment from another, please inform the community leaders and they will handle the problem. Do NOT stoop to the level that you make yourself like people that need to get a REAL clue about life.

Every Alliance, group, consortium, whatever you wish to call us has its ups and downs. The Fellowship Alliance has been going through some changes as of late. All, very much so, for the better. Step inside and see for yourself.

The Fellowship Alliance has been put through the ringer and back. We have come out intact with those that are truly into the meaning of what the Alliance stands for. We have affiliated with those that feel the same way and continue to look for those that are tired of the same old things.

You may find some things different within the basic structure of The Fellowship Alliance, but you will find that WE as a true group have not changed. WE as a group have found that WE are tired of the misfit trouble that has begun to riddle MSN. In an effort to keep our Roleplaying and Friendships safe and not totally conjoined, we have restructured The Fellowship Alliance to be truly what it was meant to be... A safe haven for roleplayers that have been shot down by the so-called, self-proclaimed "Gods" of the net, a place of understanding, and a place where true friendships can be found, on and off the internet. This is not to say, that because we are friends, we give special consideration when it deals with the Roleplay world.... this just means that we know that what ever happens in Roleplay is truly roleplay, it is not fought over and feelings are not hurt. We all have grown to understand that this is a game, an outlet, to have fun and enjoy each others company doing something creative.

Formulating the Council of The Fellowship Alliance was no easy task. But the ones that have stuck together through thick and thin have come together to make The Fellowship Alliance what it is now.

The Members

Liz - CEO
Dawn - Ass't CEO & Secretary
Cheshire - Resident Cat
Dev - Resident Devil
Blooddoll - Resident Artist
Delightful Cyn - Werewolf
Sita - New resident/Resident Demon
Jo Ann - New resident/Resident Angel

Now that we have moved to this site, we have evolved into a much more professional train of thought. Though there are some that do not speak outside of the roleplay genre, their differences are left on a different side of the computer than in the boards and in our chat. Come join and have fun in The Fellowship Alliance's The Eternal Night.