Acronyms & Terms

*-* Acronyms & Terms *-*

If you are new to role play, you may eventually become discouraged trying to decipher all of the strange acronyms and terms used by many role players. Although, we at The Eternal Night prohibit the use of acronyms and internet lingo in the actual role play that takes place in 'The Role', while anywhere in 'The Real', you may often find it. Below is a list of the most common, in which you may find helpful to understand without having to ask around.

·IC - in character
·OOC - out of character
·RP - role play
·ST - storyteller
·GM - game master
·G. O. D. - Game Operations Director
·Comm - community (usually referring to an MSN web group)
·BRB - be right back
·LOL - laugh out loud
·WW - White Wolf (referring to gaming company that produces games like Vampire:The Masquerade & Demon:The Fallen)
·PC - player character - a typist or story played character that is not temporary or filler.
·NPC - non-player character (a character commonly used where the player behind the character doesn't care what happens to it in role play - a temporary character)
·WW - White Wolf (referring to gaming company that produces games like Vampire:The Masquerade & Demon:The Fallen)
·Skinwalker - Any character with the ability to shift to an animal that is not Vampiric.
·Fae - Any character that is of the Faery (Not elf) lineage.
·Fae-blooded - Any character that is only partially of the Faery lineage.
·Human (Plain) - Any character that is a mere mortal, no extra blood or special abilities.
·Human (Special) - Any character with special abilities or blood that is not able to be listed in another category.
·Human (Hunter) - Any character that is human that has special abilities, trained or natural, that uses them against the Supernaturals of the game.
·Vampire (Traditional) - A Vampire that carries ONLY the traditional vampiric ways and has not been subject to tampering.
·Vampire (Bloodline) - Vampires that have evolved into a new set of rules and standards or have been given the Dark Kiss by one that has evolved.
·Vampire Servant (Ghoul) - Born - Humans that have been born more than human, with small amounts of vampire blood in their veins that give them special powers.
·Vampire Servant (Ghoul) - Created - Humans that have been given vampiric blood so they will have special abilities and can serve their masters and mistresses.
·Skinwalker - Kinfolk/Kin - These are humans that are born with the geneology of the Skinwalker lineage they hail from. They may or may not have been trained or have special powers.
·Mage (Traditional) - Human Sorcerers
·Mage (Technocratic) - Human Sorcerers whose magic is linked to Technology
·Immortal - Humans that have died and been re-awakened to live without thought of death, except losing their heads.
·Discipline - An ability a vampire has, depending on clan, to manipulate the world around them. No vampire can have every discipline, though can have knowledge that a discipline exists.
·Path (of Enlightenment) - This is a Code that a vampire follows in their unlife.
·Gehenna - This is the Apocalypse for the Supernatural. It coincides to the different versions of the Apocalypse for all creatures, this term being vampiric.
·THE AFTERMATH - This is the storyline the STs, GMs and Site Owners have come up with for the continuation of the World of Darkness roleplays after Gehenna hits and purges much of the Earth. This is NOT a White-Wolf thought of plotline. It is exclusively the brain-child of the STs, GMs and Site Owners of The Eternal Night.