How We RP

*-* Our Quick Guide to Role Playing *-*

We all are average everyday people who like to have fun. We happen to roleplay instead of doing what the average society member does. We have a set of rules we follow for our own actions and there are a set of rules for creating characters, fighting and the everyday roles we play. We do follow one golden rule though...

The Golden Rule This is the most important rule of them all, and the only real rule worth following: "There are no rules." This game should be whatever you want it to be, whether thats a nearly diceless chronicle of in-character socialization or a long-running tactical campaign with each player controlling a small coterie of vampires. If the rules in this book interfere with your enjoyment of the game, change them. The world is far too big - It can't be reflected accurately in any set of inflexable rules. Think of this book as a collection of guidelines, suggested but not mandatory ways of capturing the World of Darkness in the format of a game. You're the arbiter of what works best in your game, and you're free to use, alter, abuse or ignore these rules at your leisure.

The Golden Rule, stated above, comes directly from all the World of Darkness roleplay books. Though we are not conformists, we do wish, if we have to, to only slightly limit the imaginations of those with whom we write. Between this rule and the typist rules, we have much fun, for hours and hours.

We here at The Eternal Night enjoy Roleplay not RollPLay. Not everything in Roleplay is about dice rolling. One should only diceroll in fight or if one believes they need to roll dice to determine things such as frenzy.... or which way a character will waver. We go on the honor system here. One should make their character believable in their actions. Yes, this IS fantasy. But even characters in fantasy have flaws, short-comings and the like.

In The Eternal Night, we enjoy reading descriptive posts. We are not expecting one liners for every single action. Moderately sized descriptive posts are the norm for most of the roleplayers that are moving from our MSN websites to here.

We do ask however, that one does not take 3 paragraphs to describe how the wind blows around a character. Overly descriptive posts can weigh down the roleplay and the essence of what is being done can be lost easily.

Each typist here has the unique ability to make their characters grow, die, love, hate, etc... Each typist here also has their own creative liscense on how their character is played. Though many of us have not agreed with things that have occurred in our storylines in the past, we have talked about the stories and learned about the characters and their natures and demeanors and why they reacted the way they have.

The suggestion of the STs, GMs and Owners of this site are as follows when it comes to "How we roleplay":

First remembering that this is just a game as is stated in our rules, is the key. It is fantasy and we are here to do things that we cannot do in real-life so that we can escape real-life. We afford each typist respect, whether we are 'friends' with them or not, and play to have fun.

Second, remembering that each typist and each character would deal with situations entirely different that you or your characters would is key. We are not all carbon copies of each other, so one person's reaction to death is going to be different than anothers.

Third, remembering to seek understanding when you have none is a simple task. There are enough Out of Character boards upon this site. Field your questions -respectfully- there and one shall receive and answer... hopefully with the same respect afforded.

Fourth, remembering we are playing World of Darkness games does not mean we are 'sanctioned' by White-Wolf. Most of us have been playing WoD games for at least 2 years now if not more. We know the rules... We know how to bend them... We know what makes for good progression... AND... We know that respecting the wishes of White-Wolf as not to steal their work is a key thing. Though old WoD books can no longer be purchsed through White-Wolf, there are several people here who have extras, and as far as is known, would sell them at a muchly reduced rate, like 1/2 the cost plus shipping. It is understood that one does NOT have to seek sanctioning to play this game... We do not seek sanctioning... And we still play... And we still have fun.

There are areas of The Eternal Night that are for STs, GMs, and Site Owners only. As you enter the forums you will notice that areas are locked out to you, if you are not an ST, GM or Site Owner. These are places where we discuss storylines or are working on things that will better the site.

We do ask, since we know there are some that read all the threads to get ideas on roleplays, that everyone keep knowledge obtain by reading threads they are not involved in, out of their roleplays. If your character has the ability to "see" things, please speak to an ST, GM, or Site Owner about how much information can be obtained. They will then look at the stats that you have to determine what is seen, and place in the message board the images, or flashes, which your character would have.

In short, use of knowledge obtained out of character is not permitted. Posts will either be deleted or the typist will be asked to modify their posts so they do not invalidly have information that should not be in play at that time.

Key items here:

1. Be descriptive in your actions, but not overly descriptive.

2. Be respectful to the typists here. Ask if you have questions.

3. Do not use out of character knowledge in character.

4. Do not be offended if you are not able to access some areas of the site.