*-* The Gamemasters *-*

We are the gamemasters... storytellers... We have been called many things. But there is an acronym that was brought to my attention not too long ago by one of my own STs.

The following might be referred to as an ST/GM title. And trust me... It is not to give anyone a big head.

G. O. D.s - Game Operations Directors

Meet the G. O. D.s of this site and forum.

The Wench - Dawn.
Age: 42, Until Feb 6th
Name: Dawn
Nicks: ummm.... Let's just go with... "The Wench" or "Rotten F***in' Wench"
Local: The other Sunshine state: Florida

Site Owner

"The Wench", that is a name I have held to for many years. When some 'women' revered themselves as bitches, I refused to degrade myself to such a low standard. I see a bitch as one that has very little upstairs in mental capacity that only likes to fuck. ~chuckles~ I do not believe myself to be as such, since I am VERY choosy about my partners both offline and offline. I know only a few that could qualify for this "title", and luckily they all would be within this domain.

I can say that every person I know online has been burned at least once. There have been many that I have seen leave online RP because of such, some more than once. It has sickened me many times over the years as not only have I been subject to such plottings, but many of those I have called friend have been also.

I started RPing at the ripe old age of 6, when you had to draw out your D & D maps and write down what all treasures and follies were in each room. I found it fun and relaxing, especially when there wasn't much to do on a Military installation. We could have played video games, shot BeeBee guns at cans and wood.... and we did... but we were less apt to get into trouble sitting around a table playing our characters.

Of course, parents freaked when kids playing D & D were killing off their parents to we had to stop playing all the time... though we didn't give off any indications of wanting to do such things. Yea, every kid gets miffed at their parents, but killing them never came to mind. So we played cowboys and Indians and Cops and Robbers and all that sorta stuff, but it was still all roleplay. Then I moved and was exposed to other D & D type roleplays with new friends... Then I started when I was a Junior in highschool writing stories for vampires and things, keeping it from my parents as they wouldn't have understood. Then came Vampire the Masquerade... oh I thought it was da' bomb!! And I still play it online and offline today. I have moved through Ravenloft, AD & D, 7th sea and loads of other RPGs, but I tend not to have the same thrill out of those games as I do WoD. Oh how I loved to LARP, but the LARP groups dwindled down because of bad STs.

I came online after that. I didn't really ST at first. I enjoyed playing reactionary characters, until all my charries started getting farked by stupidity. One of them did... but it turned out to be a benefit.... I learned how to put a game together and ST. Though I have spent years either unfarking characters or killing them off, either by myself or with the help of others... I had a blessing in disguise... Becoming an ST made me think and grow as an RPer.

I have left "freeform" RP now 4 times in the last 7 years and I do not know if I will return. Between inner wars and mudslinging of personal information and the chats on MSN going pay, most of the decent RP realms online have died. Do not get me wrong, not all of them have, but most. Some were small and decent realms.

It was after a long slew of falsified rantings by a few 'jealous' roleplayers that sent me into an offline bout, then into only roleplaying with one or two roleplayers that I trusted. As I slowly got back into contact with those whom were worried about me after such displays were made, which in fact included attacks on my son to get to me, I began to realize that there were more people online whom had integrity and separated roleplay and real life and understood that there was a difference between the two.

It was much of the turmoil put forth by these roleplayers who would much rather attack people that didn't see eye-to-eye with them and would not become their toadies or their stoolies that brought about the creation of The Fellowship Alliance. Unfortunately, the beginning of the TFA was set forth in a farce less than 6 months later because of one of the originators being a go between trying to keep the two sides at war. They spread "real life" lies about both sides and continued on the fight.

TFA was at least a month in the making when I was asked to become a member. I joined thinking that I was amongst friends, and it was only a few months later that the veil was lifted from our eyes. It was then that the true founder of the idea for TFA pulled his idea and set up the TFA laws/code of conduct. I stayed and did much of the paperwork/page making while Headmaster Goodall was away.

At one point TFA was more than 20 communities strong on MSN, but through people leaving RP, or comms being redundant and we needed to consolidate, we have dropped to around 10. Most of them, TFA is joining. We have had people leave that could not separate roleplay and real, and though at one time I would have considered them good friends, the emotional blackmail is more than any one person can stand.

So now we are brought to "The Eternal Night". The name was voted upon from 4 names originally. There was a "tie" between The Eternal Night and Night Eternal. The latter won the vote, but it was not meant to be. With MSN and Verizon joining, it was becoming exceedingly obvious that the Vampiric/Dark Roleplay realms were being targetted. So as we pulled out money together, I purchased the site and we began working. And with the birth of "The Eternal Night" and the revamping of the members and pages of the site, "TEA" or "The Eternal Alliance" has been born.

With the help of Elle, from Embrace the Night, and Serenesta, from Blood & Ink, The Eternal Night began to take shape. Elle worked on the forum and Serenesta worked on the page creation. It was then left to Evil Bunny and I to work on the scripts for the pages. Much of it was already typed out and all we had to do was place things where Serenesta had instructed us to and put in the bolds, italics, line breaks, and paragraphs. Within a matter of a few short weeks, our site had grown to almost 200 pages.

Between the G. O. D.s of this site, we had decided to run Gehenna for a few reasons:

1) Our roleplays were becoming stagnant.

2) Some of us had become innundated with characters and wished to have a plausible way to eliminate some.

3) Our creative juices began to see stories that could come into play for during and after.

Now you see what we have created and will hopefully continue to create with all whom have chosen to join and partake. But that is that... This is me...

I am an adult and have been for quite some time. I mentioned before I have a son, he is 8 and a joy and a terror to have. ~chuckles~ I teach highschool math and have always had a passion for writing. Most of the time that passion was seen with some of the poems I created. I will probably post a few on the Poetry board, though be warned, they are copyrighted.
In my passion of teaching, I have had to teach students how to write even a simple paragraph and make it acceptable. Though it shocks many of them to know a math teacher can actually write. My hidden goal is to become a writer and make it more than a passtime, but only time will tell........ Will my dream come true.... I will forge my destiny and attempt to do that which I desire while doing what I need to do to survive.

As has been noted by many, Serenesta included, I have been known to write with many characters and have a knack for keeping all the storylines with my characters in my head. I tend to find as many ways to express myself as I can, a multitude of characters is one of them. So if you see me posting ALOT, you now know why.

My Life has seen many bumps and turns and I am sure it will see many more. This site and what it represents is something that I hold dear in my heart. I hope sincerely that those here will have as much fun as I do in the RPs that we partake and create here.

"So let the games begin!"

BlindTaleTeller - Liz.
Age: 37, until December 10th
Name: Liz
Location: Michigan
ST Names: EvilBunny, BlindTaleTeller

I guess you could call me an entertainment nut: though I enjoy creating my own quite frequently ( and obviously.) Aside from Our own games, and White Wolf Games, I enjoyplaying anime based RPGs, and video games. The affect of having three younger brothers, I suppose. I like seeing an occasional movie.. though when it comes to watchable entertainment, I enjoy Sci-Fi and Anime the most. I am a big fan of adult swim, on Cartoon Network (I wish they'd get more Inuyasha episodes already, darn it all) and any game made by SQUARE-Enix (though I think it was better when SQUARE was working all on it's own.) I used to be heavy into PS2's version of EverQuest; a habit I picked up from my brother, whom some know as Edwin within the game. My favorite race to play will always be the dark elf: or as we called them, the Smurfs. My guild, before they were disbanded, were known as Bane's Addiction, for which I served as a runner and helper for those smaller than myself, as my Guildmaster Przymus did for me when I started playing again. My name there, was Bloodwringer, and EvilBunny.

Just as in EQOA, I like to help those who have trouble understanding the games I play; I have no problem answering a question if I know the answer, or sending the individual to one who will: even if I have to go out of my way to do it. On the other hand, I don't like being lied to or taken advantage of any more than the next person any more than I like having OOC BS in the middle of RP. Between Fantasy, Anime and Vampire online RP, freeform or otherwise: I have frighteningly added up the months to discover that I've been playing and evolving as a player now for a little over Five years.


And some of y'all have put up with me for a good amount of it.



My first (personal) rule in RP, some may remember well as a sign off OOC in the boards: and I think it's easy to follow.


Demi G. O. D.s - Assistant Game Operations Directors

Name: Hope Nicks: Cheshire and various others, just that kooky cat Local: Illinois. What I prefer to call it, The Black Hole Age: 37, until January 3rd

Well lets see here, I have been playing as long as I been online that would be 12 years. Most of my life, I have had a wild imagination, even my own parents call me weird, sadistic and strange. Its funny because I don't deny it. I always loved coming up with all sorts of things to do with my toys and going around the back yard finding things to do. I was one that would smack myself in the back of the head with a shovel, done it more than once, because I was using it as a weapon, like a staff battling enemies or being stupid.

Over the years though, being a only child I had to find things for me to do, and most of it was drawing, reading and plotting in that mind of mine. For the longest time though I always tried to find ways to expand that horizon and I have to give a big thank you to my cousin for suggesting to me at the time to start writing. Well lets say having a computer and writing, it took off. I found msn and first started hanging around those philosophy sites until I stumbled onto the fantasy chats.

There I watched for a bit and created my first character, A old cantankerous faerie. I still have her to this day. But most of my rp was spent in free form until I came across HellRazin' that was when I fell in love with Vtm. Since thing I have been playing since. So half of my online time, 6 years of it has been playing vampire, it was my release and a place to get away from life.

For a time I had to get a way from msn when it went pay and I ended up meeting a friend at the mall and she brought me onto the game at AOL, there I have been since, but I came back to msn and ran into Liz and Dawn, since then I have stayed with them. I honestly don't see myself going anywhere else. Here I feel like what it should be like playing, freedom and the ability to create and let go that vice that keeps someone chained down. So seeing I am here, you got me stuck and I am not letting go.

For my own advice, have fun, it's a game and as it should be played with those you enjoy playing with. So go forth and Pillage and bring back a sack of beef jerky.