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We here at The Eternal Night would like to share things with each other. We have acquired some EBooks and Stat Sheets and we are working on getting Edittable PDFs for Stat sheets to make profiles easier to make.
The site has a certain amount of bandwidth per month. If the site's bandwidth is used up, then we will not be able to access the site, which includes the forum.
We have listed below who has what PDFs in their possession. What we ask for if you wish to have these items for your library is that you pay for the cost of the CDs and shipping to have copies sent to you. Just contact the person who has the items and get his or her address after finding out how much it would be to send to you. You can either send the number of CDs it would take with a check or money order for the shipping back or find out how much it would be for him or her to purchase the needed CDs and the shipping and send the check or money order to them with the list of items you wish for your virtual library.
Because of the copyright infringement laws, we cannot make a profit on said PDFs. Therefore there will be no monies gained in sharing the information.
Thank you for you cooperation in this matter.
!!! PDFs will be listed as they become available !!!

Wench PDFs

VTM Books
Bloodline - Ahrimanes Bloodline - Daughter of Cacophony
Clanbook - Cerberus
Vampire - Gehenna Vampire - Time of Thin Blood Vampire - LARP Discipline Book
Vampire Dark Ages - Road of Sins Vampire Dark Ages - The Inquisition Vampire Dark Ages - Archons and Templars Vampire Dark Ages - The Red Sign Vampire Dark Ages - The Ashen Thief Vampire Dark Ages - Ashen Cults
Vampire the Masquerade - Caine's Chosen, The Black Hand Vampire the Masquerade - Diablorie Vampire the Masquerade - Liber des Goules Vampire the Masquerade - Revelation of the Dark Mother Vampire the Masquerade - Sins of the Blood Vampire the Masquerade - The Succubus Club Vampire the Masquerade - Discipline Book Mage Books
Mage the Ascension (D20) Mage the Ascension

Demon the Fallen
Demon the Fallen

Stat Sheets
WoD Editable
Assamite Revisited Baali Brujah Gangrel Ghouls Giovanni Lasombra Malkavian Mortals Nosferatu Ravnos Setite

Other books