AM Derangements

*-* Aftermath Derangements *-*

Derangements are mental problems with the characters that have them. As in the real world, some people just are -not- right. So below we have listed the derangements that we recognize. This page may be editted as we gather our creative juices and create more things.

Amnesia - In order not to think of what you have done in your life, you forget a segment of your past. Many times this is either from before the Embrace or the Embrace itself.

Assissi Complex - The desire to harbor children and animals, to do them no harm. ie: Saint Francis of Assissi the patron saint of animals and children.

Bulimia - This is a vampire that will feed until his/her bloodpool is full 4 or more times a night and risks frenzy if he/she doesn't. Bulimia in a vampire is much the same as in a human.

Compulsion - This is a deepseated need to perform a certain act. {i.e. - washing hands 20 times a day}

Delusions of Grandieur - This vampire imagines that he/she is far better than he/she actually is.

Desensitization - This vampire can no longer fell any STRONG emotions.

Disassociative Blood-Spending - Vampires with this derangement tend to unconsciously spend blood to up different traits at unneeded or inappropriate times.

Fantasy - This vampire enters a self-created world of delusions, which makes him or her the hero.

Fugue - This vampire will suffer blackouts/loss of memory in moments of extreme stress.

Hierarchical Sociology Disorder - (Tremere only) Becoming drone-like, because of becoming under the full control of the council, due to the inability to handle the stress of hunting for blood or dealing with the Beast.

Hysteria - The vampire is unable to control emotions.

Manic-Depressive - This vampire has SEVERE mood swings and at the drop of a hat.

Masochism - A vampire with this derangement closely associates pain with pleasure.

Megalomania - The obsession of accumulating ultimate power and wealth.

Melancholia - This is when a vampire sinks into a world of doom and gloom. There will be times that the Vampire will work on a project, if it moves through that doom and gloom phase.

Memory Lapses - A vampire tends to lose random parts of memory at inopportune times (temporary).

Multiple Personalities - Each personality is triggered by different Emotional stimuli. Each personality may have different Attributes and Virtues. It is up to the ST how many someone has with MPD, 3 or more.

Obsession - You have a VERY hard time thinking of anything else other than your Obsession "focal" point.

Overcompensation - You cover up your moral weaknesses by playing up one of your moral strengths to an extreme.

Paranoia - These people believe everyone is out to get them and have a much harder time with social interaction, for they fear that any moment, someone will do something to them that will cause their final death.

Perfection - Everything MUST be perfect in your unlife.

Phobia (not flaw) - This fear encompasses the very fiber of your being. You are scared of it every moment of your existence, even in rest.

Power-Object Fixation - This derangement shows that a vampire has an external focal point, example: a ring, without which the vampire cannot function properly.

Regression - The vampire becomes childlike.

Sanguinary Animalism - (Kindred) These vampires believe that they do not merely consume victim's blood, but their souls as well, which are then made a part of the vampire'sconsciousness (hearing voices of the victims in head, feels memories of victims, etc.)

Sanguinary Cryptophagy - (Tremere only) becoming obsessed with finding more and different "flavors" of blood.

Schizophrenia - Different emotions or situations can make a character's personality to change. Though it is the same person, they mood swings are MUCH stronger thannormal, and the ability to resist Frenzy is MUCH harder.

Self-Annihiliation Impulse - This derangement is a subconscious one. The "death wish" phenomenon is not realized by the person that has it. Not even in the end.

Synesthesia - The vampires senses are put into the brain differently. Example: "hears" colors, "smells" textures.... etc.

Thaumaturgical Glossolalia - (Tremere only) Speaking in tongues under large amounts of stress.