Character Creation

*-* Character Creation *-*

It is imperative that one has an idea for their character, whether the character is to be human, special human, ghoul, vampire, were-creature, hunter, etc... Once you have a concept for your character, then you should begin the process of creation.

We have made up blank stat sheets for the creation of your character. There are simple guidelines to follow. This game does lend to having Elder characters, that does not mean that new characters coming in will be "god" like.

It would be best to have no Vampire Characters less than 7th Generation to begin with. Shifter Characters no higher than 3rd rank(Adren). Mages no higher than 3rd rank. Changeling, no higher than 3rd ranking (or equivalent). Specialized humans no higher than 3rd ranking. Demons no higher than 3rd rank.

This is not to say that existing characters with viable backgrounds will not be allowed in below these ranks. We wish to avoid those who want to jump in and be "God" or "Kill everything" for no reason.

We do wish all to have a good time in roleplaying at this site. We ask that one follows the rules and rulings set forth by the STs, GMs, and Site Owners so that all can have a good time, and the rules are not bent so far that it hinders the fun of others.

Making a character

1. Get a concept: What is the person going to be, waitress, business woman/man, etc. include age and gender, nationality, region from and so forth
2. Decide after reading about the creature types, which type of creature you wish to play. From there a stat sheet can be made to fit your character.
3. Read up about the creature type you decide to play, to make sure that is really your idea. Then look at the blank stat sheet attached to the page and start putting together the information. If you are leary about something ask an ST they will be glad to help.
4. Gain permission from an ST to play a character as a PC that is under the age of 16. Under those ages are mostly reserved for NPCs.
5. Give the stat sheet you have come up with to an ST through the submissions message forum and wait for either approval or help with adjustments.
6. Write up a background story for your character. Be specific about events. This will help the STs while they are looking at your stat sheet for approval and the story will go on your stat page. Understand that your story is offlimits to IC knowledge, unless it is brought brought out properly in play, i. e. the character gives it or a seer sees bits and pieces of your character's story. The latter is up to ST discretion.
7. Look on the images page and see the list of actor and actress names that are already in use. Then find an actor, actress, or model that suits your character and submit the name along with at least 2 pics for the STs to work with for page creation.
8. Look for your stat sheet to go up on the stat sheet page. Please be patient with this step, as long as you have your approved stat sheet and story on the submissions board, you are able to play. Pages take a while to code and we will do our best to get them done as quick as possible.


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