AM Clans & Bloodlines


What became .... after the Apocalypse

There are NO sects in this game. So most Anti's are pretty much out. Though a Giovanni character may be played, they are not to be played as Kindred. The few remaining Kindred must find their "Government" together.

The only rule that still applies...

The HUMANS and EARTH must survive!!!

*-* The Clans *-*

New Bloodlines:

The Families and Bloodlines are written from the Authors that are named at the bottom of the pages they are linked to. We ask that you do not 'steal' our works. We have put much time and thought into them. Sit back and watch the Bloodlines develop through the Apocalypse and with the Aftermath.

Primary Family

The Khepri (The Unknown Ones)

Primary Vampiric Bloodline

Gre-hik-pathu (Enigmas)

Secondary Vampiric Bloodlines

Bastaet (Passion's Fury)
Geirda (Shadows)
Haldise (The Knightly Kings)
Hu Pili
Iskinder (Clock Wise)
Kostabant Retto (Stone Guardians)
Meisema (The Flawless)
Nu'man Chigaru (Blood Hounds)
Nu'man Mai (Lions of Blood)
Tontettu Lai (Secret's Keepers)
Vixthia (Menders)
Wave-yers (Fate-Twisters)


Non-Vampire Bloodline

Omorose Yaminah (The Prophets)

Remaining Clans:

Assamite Sorceror (aka Viziers)
Assamite Warrior
Brujah, True (Very few, ST approval needed)
Caitiff (Panders included)
Cappadocians (Very few, ST Approval needed)
Lasombra (Few, no difference in Anti or not, No Path of Night)
Ravnos (VERY few, ST Approval needed)
Tremere (VERY few, ST Approval needed)
Tzimisce (VERY few, ST Approval needed, No Old Clan)