AM World

*-* Aftermath World *-*


After SHE revised the layout of the Earth, SHE left.

There were areas that were effected very little, or not at all because of their 'touch' with the supernatural already, or they did not need to be wiped out because of the lack there of...

1. Central and South America
("Virus" wiped out Most Garou)
(Many successful Camarilla and Independant raids, removing most Sabbat)
(Central America wiped out by flooding oceans)
2. Greenland
3. Bering Strait
(Alaska and upper Siberia)
4. Slavakian Corridor
(Astilles, Romania, Carpathia, Moldova, Transylvania, etc)
{{Home of the Order of Dragul}}
5. Australia & Tasmania
6. Valley of the Kings and Hamunaptrah

Florida, totally wiped off the face of the Earth, was the first devastation. The Volcanoes, controlled by the Demons to help the rising of the First Demonic City, erupted all over the world, changing the face of the Earth by making the areas uninhabitable or sinking the grounds into the Earth or Oceans.

As the world reforms itself, there are many governments that have fallen. Some have been replaced with a modified Feudal system or Pharoah's system, where as others have anarchy, villages/towns/cities are running with only the might makes right thought. It will be up to both the natural and supernatural to bring back order to the chaos, and attempt to thwart the 1000 years of darkness that has been prophecied.

The world began terraforming itself around the 35th day of Gehenna. Barren wastelands began to show signs of flourishing as the highly evolved cities began to crumble. The clouds thickened and began to sprout rain, a bit of the Polar Ice Caps began to melt, tectonic plates shifted the world yet again and divided it more. Hunger for many... would serve as one of the major problems being faced.... the true issue... how to get food from one place to another.... not the quantity. Medical treatments though........ Many died in the nights of Gehenna because of the lack of True Healers still left. What shall become?

((As Gehenna progresses, this page will be updated.))

Maps and Layouts
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The Organizations
Blood of Arn (Astillians)
Crimson Fury
Evolution's Children
Khepri Caste
Order of Dragul, Torch & Syn/Shylia Collective