The Aftermath

*-* Introduction *-*

What became .... after the Apocalypse

It is well known that all shall suffer an Apocalypse by the "One True God". Whether one is born knowing that Vampires, Garou, Mages, Changelings and the like exist, it is always in the back of their minds and all seem to be fascinated with the concepts of what is actually real and thought to be fantasy.

It was a breech, an unfolding of the veil, between the natural and the supernatural that had been brewing for many many centuries. As the "One True God" did many millenia ago, She would do again...and did. She purged the Earth of those unworthy of surviving, as is Her right to do.

As with the Great Flood, where Caine survived and so did his Third Generation, Cainites survived this Apocalypse.

There are only a few left, as there were way back in the time of Caine and Abel and Seth... But these were the smart ones... These were the ones that saw their mistakes earlier on or even later, though did enough to help benefit mankind in the quest for survival.

*-* The Story *-*

*-* The Story *-* A great many things happened during the months prior to the Apocalypse and the years that followed.
The first was the destruction of clan unity and the falling of the wall between the Benevolent Vampires and the Malevolent Vampires. The Malevolent Vampires began embracing with little prejudice or thought of whom they were bringing into their folds: while the Benevolent Vampires refused to increase their numbers... many either fighting amongst themselves, or going into hiding trying to wait out the coming of the Progenitors.

The Benevolent Ones - structure destroyed

The Malevolent Ones - structure destroyed, remnants, a few escaped The Apocalypse... barely.

The Neutral Ones - there was no structure here, but most were destroyed for lack of backing. The Giovanni faced the Cappadocians and the Assamites. ALL Giovanni kindred were destroyed... though the few remaining Giovanni are no longer... Kindred - 20 mortals and 1 Wraith and 2 former Kindred. The human family suffered GREAT losses, both financially and member wise. Some of the Cappadocians did not stop at the kindred members of the family... they continued on to the human members, some former ghouls.... The Ravnos chose to wait out the storm after their numbers were already cut to the bone with the rising of Ravana (Ravnos). Though the Assamites suffered some losses, they suffered the least in the Independent structure. The Assamites were rid of the Antitribu traitors and found a way to begin working on the rift between the Loyalists and Schizmatics. The Caitiff, some saving a few Panders, scattered about the globe in hiding. The Daughters of Cacophony and Sons of Dischord were eliminated... The Salubri made their way to Heaven in a great and wonderous act. The Setites died at their Antedelluvians hands.. well fangs.

The Achivists - led by the followers of Vlad Dragul Tepes, refounded the Order of Dragul. The Inconnu suffered great losses, but the legacy they left behind would make even the Assamite proud.

The Hitmen - separated from the Malevolent Ones and took care of themselves. This Independent fighting force of 60 was dwindled down to but 10.. and even then... they have blended into whatever new "order" they can find.

The Paths of Humanity are all gone except Path of Blood and Path of Humanity. There may be new ones created at this point and submitted for approval.

With the effects of the thinning of the blood and the witherings, the Major Powers shared between Kindred will take twice as long to learn (per level).

Due to the unfolding of the Veil between the Supernatural and the Natural worlds, ALL supernatural beings have had to go into hiding. It matters not if these were humans with special abilities, besides the Gypsy psychics - though they are under much scrutiny, or the demons, angels, vampires, mages, changelings or skinwalkers.

The world knows of these beings and it is now time for them to either work together or perish separately. The larger cities are usually faux paux compared to what they once were and there are few areas of the world that stuck with the peaceful co-existance.

"The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth" a quote that is once again, or shall one say finally, true. The humans that allow these beings within their populace do so with quickly and greatly safeguarded rules. Those that cross them are hunted down and killed publically.

The Masquerade is no longer JUST for the Kindred. It is for all supernatural creatures. Be Warned.

The natural disasters set upon Earth, much like the Great Flood many millenia ago, were sent to wipe out the unclean from the ranks of the world populace. Unfortunately, as with all cleansings, there were some that survived that were targets and many that did not that were "innocent".

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, sleeping volcanoes erupting, The signs of the Apocalypse rage over the Earth. For a few short months, the Earth seemed as if it was going to destroy itself and all those upon it.

Much more of the globe is now covered in water, and much more of the harsh areas were made even more harsh. The world's population dropped from 10 billion to a mere 1 billion. The supernatural creatures would be luck if they could count their numbers as even 1% of that number.

New Order in both the human and the supernatural ranks has to be established. The humans being the top of the food chain now, in a manner of speaking, are not so easily led into the tricks of the supernatural. The ranks of Kindred only began with the refounding of the Order of Dragul based deep in The Slavakian Corridor... Though a Kindred based, Archivists based actually, sect, it is run by a human. The Order is set in its way to help attempt the peaceful co-existance of all creature kind. It will be the future that speaks for the Order's intent, outcome and livelihood.

With all but one sleeper now dead, including Caine himself.... The few remaining Kindred MUST find a way to set all stereotypes and grudges aside... or the Veil will never be placed again over the supernatural world.

As with all cleansings there is loss, creatures becoming extinct, like the dinosaurs and the do do bird. Follow the links to find the Kindred clans that had members survive the rages of Gehenna and to find those special abilities that were kept in secret with them.