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The Apocalypse is nearing its end. Each of the families involved have suffered losses. Many of them are still reeling as others attempt to begin bringing order to the chaotic world, both in and out of the Shroud. A few have begun to restructure and make plans to rebuild as the Demons wage war to take over the Earth and begin their prophecied reign of 1000 years. 

The Astillians, Torch, The Order of Dragul, and The Khepri have miraculously lived through the centuries and survived the Apocalypse, and unknowingly found themselves allied through marriages of love formed during such a heinous time. Their goal now is to remain formidable enough to thwart the main Demons, once the most trusted of Lucifer's ranks, and rebuild their respective infrastructures to fend off the Demonic Forces. 

The Astillians and Khepri have come into possession of six key souls of the Apocalyptic Times: Lucifer's reborn soul, born to the union of Mena Syn and Afanasi Borislav; The Last Daughter of Eve, once guarded by an Immortal, brought to the Astillians after the Salubri were given redemption; Alexander the Great, born to the union of Soshinkyu Astilles and Abu Khepri - though only known by a few; Kuei-Jin version of the Last Daughter of Eve and the Last Son of Adam, twins born to a union between Tao Jun Lee (Kuei-Jin Princess, deceased) and Tau Sefu Khepri before his awakening, body being of Drax Gamble III. Kazemde Khepri has wed the only heir/heiress to the Dragul throne, Isabeaux Tepes, whom had been living under her stage name as Mya Zetimal whom was at one time married to the brother of Constance Damascus/Nolan. As husband to the Dragul heiress, though it is unknown to most that the infamous Vladimir Tepes is still alive in his vampiric state, he will find that not only from his awakening would both be a target, but that Isabeaux has been a target since her conception of a major ArchDemon.

The Fae have come into possession of another soul that was not foreseen, or spoken of being reborn, Constantine, born into the body of a former 5th generation Noble Blooded Vampire, Constance Nolan (Damascus). 

The United States has broken apart, literally, and has become what it has fought to stop becoming. Asia and parts of Europe and Africa have reformed and become the "superpowers" that with guided wisdom will lead the way in world protection.

As the forces in the Shroud grow, through the marriages of the Page Triplets, two still out in the open, Rufus and Tiberius, and the third seemingly in hiding, Marcus, they prepare with a long time rival, The Cao to keep the Shroud safe from those that are to come. The Cao wait for the call of their Goddess, whom Marcus Page, or better yet the demon he allowed to co-exist in his body with and are almost one, while their Goddess awaits for the return of Lucifer, whom she has been trying to find over the ages, especially now that the time of the closing of the Pearly Gates is coming to fruition, and Lucifer's right hand prepares wholeheartedly for the demonic takeover of the Earthen plane.

One of the trickiest and worst scenarios has come to pass for the Leadership behind the Pearly Gates: The Keeper has found that she is not of whom she was led to believe for more than 9 centuries. The Keeper is Lucifer's daughter. Things began to fall into place in The Keeper's mind now: the treatment of she, her family and their protectors; the words of how her love for a Feathery Winged once was blasphemous; and why her path has taken her down so much farther of a road of turmoil than it had any of the former Keeper of the Gates. It will be up to the one that she loves secretly and has secretly loved her to stop what could be the worst thing that could happen to Earth in the Aftermath: The Keeper either walks away from or stops caring about her duties and the Gates of Hell are opened wide to where humanity has no chance of survival.

In the latter days, it is found that the Twins of Lee-Gamble-Khepri have been nabbed and used by the Gamble's arch nemesis, Ulitan, who has battled with the Gamble family through Generations. As Dragoon attempts to stop the breaking of a prophecy regarding these twins and to get both out of Ulitan's grasp, he finds that the female of the twins has been wedded and birth 6 of Ulitan's children, and will have to find a way to remove Ulitan's wife from his presence without harm or notice.

Also finding the the latter days, the supposedly dead realm of Zipactonal and its inhabitants, what's left of them are not so dead, nor are some of the Parents to these crossbreeds. Their importance will come in the Aftermath, whatever that will bring.

Achilles and Hector, once former rivals, now are born within twins in the borders of the old Trojan Empire are now under fire from a great many enemies not jusst for themselves, but because of one of the ones that found them, a descendant of a lineage long since gone from the sands of Egypt, magi known for the protection of the Thrones and Temples.

The hidden are finding their way into the light as the Omega turns into the Alpha, the Aftermath. Children long thought dead, well hated for their lineage, and traitors to even those that create them. The pain caused over the millennia will not long be forgotten and those to be hunted will grace the lists of those without the thought of any being redeemed. Lucifer's first born son of the new Era will find himself in the arms of a lover that will well be mistrusted for the lineage he hails, and he himself will not allow anyone to forget what his father has endured for him, as well as his mother, whom he is far, far from allowing her to suffer what he feels is the worst of all punishments though her reward could well be seen by a great many as a gift. It will be the union of two believed twisted Fallen that will unite a great man of the outcasts under one banner as well as several, that once had no allegiances. Their allies they will chose separately and together, but always carefully, and family and their love will always take first priority.

So many more that were thought dead are being found, Commodus of Rome, thought to have been either killed in battle, or by the lover of his former wife, has been hiding quite well over the centuries guarding another that has indeed escaped the eyes of most demonic figures. Their power of passion, coupled with his knack for battle and her shadows will soon bring to pass all eyes that had thought them killed...
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As the Gates close and the Aftermath begins, the world is thrust into chaos for the first 48 hours. The Terran world is thrust into the dark ages and those that had not heeded the warning are far from prepared to survive without electricity, running water, cellphones, the internet and the like. The worlds on the other side of the thinning and almost non-existent Veil are flourishing with little to no limitations now. 
Lucifer's son with the Holy Grail was born upon the last trumpet blowing and the clanking of the doors. Naming him and seeing her son was the last act this woman did before her abilities were blocked along with her memories. Their son, the AntiChrist, proved his power by saving the leader of the Khepri from being possessed by one of his Father's treacherous Captains. Devouring the essence of the traitor made the boy grow far too rapidly to go unnoticed and the Luciferious brothers ordered to find and protect him took him away to hide before the boy could gather his wits and figure out what his mother's payment for doing the world such a service.
History however is potentially doomed to repeat itself. The grandsons of two very potent enemies have created a bond that is as solid as any true love. Neither is very old, one days old the other only hours old have found in each other a way to come through the negative expectations given them while growing in strength and finding a love as true as the unconditional love of their mothers. Together they seek a way to protect the women that brought them into the world from the politics that has rendered them targets. But what will the outcome as one grandfather is eliminated for his crimes and the other fights his own insanity.