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« on: January 16, 2007, 03:17:52 PM »
Here is the directions to working the Photo Gallery of The Eternal Night... As best as I can type them out to you.

1. You must sign up for an account on the gallery with a VALID email address. ((Type in here that you have applied for an account. I must make your account active so you can work in the gallery.))

2. Once you have an account you need to sign in if it kicks you out.

3. Go to "Admin Mode" That will allow you to make smaller albums for your characters. Note: This does not make you an Admin for the Gallery... only for your albums!!

4. Once there, click "Albums".

5. A box will come up that is blank but at the top is a little message box, that has *My Gallery* in it. At the bottom you need to click "New".

6. At the bottom you will find a box that has the words "New Album" in it. You now need to highlight that and put in the title of your album in it.

EX: One of my albums is named "Abu al Khepri-Ahad". Another is named "Seana MacMillan James Khepri-Ahad "... etc.

7. Once you have at least one album up, you can start loading pictures. At the Top there is a link HOUSE button, do not click, just move cursor over it then down to "Upload Files" and click that. It will allow you to put in 5 photos at a time. Find the files you want then upload them.

8. It will say Continue, Click that.

9. It will ask you to hit continue again. Do so

10. It will then show you the 1-10 pics one at a time. You must make sure it is in the correct album in the box then scroll down and click "Continue" again. Do this for each one. If you do not change the album you are working on each time it will default to the first one (alphabetically).

I know this is a lengthy process, but it SHOULD allow you to now have pics in your post.
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Re: The Vault - TEN GALLERY
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Same Gallery
click here
and save the link.
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