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3 years (Pre) : Announcement of death?
« on: January 17, 2007, 05:44:55 PM »
(This would happen about 1 hour after the explosion, sorry about the delay)
Attention all Kindred of the Beautiful City of Paris, Yes Kain's Kiss was the target of an explosion this evening. There is of course specualtion of foul play that the humans will not report on, but we know that an Elysium is the central backbone of our society. After speaking with the Prince's assistant, The Prince was unavailable for comment, the big celebration is to still occur tomorrow evening (this evening irl). Jacque stated that the Prince will not allow a building to prove to be the backbone of his City. The celebration and ceremony is to begin just 2 hours after sunset. Please be ontime and on your best behavior. Security has been heightened and from what I have been able to overhear from the guards there is to be at least several older Kindred appearances.
When I get the News so will you. Until then, Constance D Nolan, signing off.

Once again, Kindred population, I am here with a report of the recent events in Pari'. From sources near the Prince, I have found that there is a search going on for him. Rumors are such that he was either in or near the Elysium when it had exploded. Other sources state that there is an investigation launched in Pari' by someone in the Clan Tremere to either affirm or deny the possible Final Death of Prince Jaycen MacMillan. In all the activity, it has been noted that The New Prince, Cherise Le'Blanc and Harpy, Vincenzo Le'Blanc, landed at a private airstrip outside of Pari' and has been rushed to ShadowSide Manor. In confirmation, Cherise is in Kindred family, Jaycen's youngest sister, though this woman is more than capable of handling Pari'. As the investigation was escalated, Cherise was QUICKLY placed into the office of Prince, one evening early, at the Seneschal's beckoning. As Seneschal, Blythe de'Courte, has been noted by the Prince's office as launching her own investigation, the whereabouts and well-being of the Former Prince Jaycen MacMillan will be determined one way or another. The Tremere are undauntingly secretive as to their findings. One knows that this Clan is more than known for its secrecy, but there is something that their talkings to this reporter has shown. I can only speculate, but it seems that there is a hint of foul play, in the air. There is a vested interest in the well-being of Mr. MacMillan's persona, amongst of the Clans of the Camarilla. There are many Elders that are in an uproar over this recent activity, it seems that Mr. MacMillan is very well connected and has much respect amongst the Elders, whether or not he was well-liked doesn't matter is the sentiment that has been portrayed. "Mr. MacMillan is a valuable asset to the Camarilla and all of its councils. If he has met Final Death, it will be a great loss to us as well as the lovely city of Pari'." a statement given by a Toreador Elder, near to the council. Clan Tremere, as secretive as they are, are not speaking of his value to the clan, but, with the activity here, one can only assume he was high on the list of important members of the clan. I, personally am asking, for the Kindred members of Pari' and for the worldwide members of the Camarilla Kindred population, if you have any information on the wherabouts of Mr. MacMillan, either still undead or final death, please contact the court staff at Shadowside Manor as soon as possible. This is Constance D Nolan signing off until the next night.

A young man, shaking badly, holds the earphone in. "Moments ago, we were witness to the worst explosion in Parisan history since WWII. Jane, I'm lucky to be standing right here. Just a week ago, the uber club Kain's Kiss went under strenuous renovations. All guests of the hotel were asked to check out. The restaurant, casino and club closed just days ago. Presumably no one was in the blast. Renovations were not set to start until tomorrow. Here's what we saw just moments ago."
The image of Kain's Kiss explosion and the resulting destruction filled the screen. The blinding light pixelated the screen. The screen swiftly changes to behind glass as debris begins showering into the room. The reporter and his assistant and the young woman they were interviewing scramble into the room and shut the door. "Jane, this is nothing like I've seen before.

Flashing to a young woman on the screen, who is clipping her micrphone to her lapel: This just in. The deaths of 10 have been reported from the surrounding buildings. There seems to be one newer respected member of Parisian society that has come up missing. Jaycen MacMillan, overseer of the former Kain's Kiss, and business tycoon, CEO of Trumalt Construction, Inc., recently sold, DuBois Title Co, Inc. and Tremaine Security Services, Inc., had been seen going into the building just one hour before its explosion. There was said to be a meeting with the foreman of Trumalt Construction, which ended only 5 minutes prior to the explosion as the foreman was seen leaving. Upon speaking with the foreman, whose name has been withheld, for investigation purposes, the information was given that Kain's Kiss was to undergo a massive renuevation as a coming home present to his dear friend Blythe de'Courte. As a present to her, to cheer her up from the recent loss of her brother, Alexander, and family friend Titus Marcone, he met with the foreman to have the contracts signed and speak briefly about the timeframe of the club being closed. The foreman said that Mr. MacMillan was in good spirits and was heading back to his home to spend time with Madamoiselle Blythe de'Courte, as she had been away for several months, and he had missed her. The foreman said he was about 8 blocks away when the flash seen in his rearview mirror, and a loud boom followed. He said he turned around and spoke with the Police to let them know that he had last seen Mr. MacMillan in the club not more than 5 minutes prior. As he is still in shock over the ordeal, the foreman has offered any help to those investigating this tragedy. We will keep you informed as we get more information, and at the top and the bottoms of the hour." The screen goes back to the world coverage, of all the hostilities around the world.
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