Author Topic: 34- Reunification of House Dragul  (Read 327 times)

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34- Reunification of House Dragul
« on: January 16, 2007, 10:05:20 PM »
Over the radio wire and through the papers, rumors flew as the sightings of Vlad Dragul Tepes grew more numerous, though no newspaper reporter could confirm or deny the alleged sightings, or none would admit to it if they had.


It has come to this reporter's attention too many times in the past few weeks, since the first sightings of Vlad Dragul around the Romanian, Transylvanian and Carpathian countryside 3 weeks ago, that there has been speculation that one calling himself Vladimir Dragul Tepes has plans to reunify the old borders of the Slavakian Corridor. In speaking with a few of the government officials, including the Prince and former Regent of Moldova, there has been no confirmation or denial of such allegations.

I believe what wasn't been said speaks more than what was said as the Prince was on his way to a meeting of undisclosed location and when an attempted to be followed was made, it seemed to be quite impossible.

I also attempted to confirm or deny the allegations that the Prince of Moldova, Durril Andor Tiranovich was of a supernatural nature, but both he and the former Regent, whom is conducting business in the Moldovan Cabinet while he is in said meeting, gave no indication as to the lineage of such supernatural powers. I did however receive this message regarding the supernatural happennings not only here, but around the world from them,

"We know that the Gypsies have long summized that there were creatures different than humans though could masquerade as humans for centuries. We have sen the happennings of Biblical proportions coming to life within our very country's borders, this very Earth's borders. It would not be surprising if each and every person who graces this Earth has potential for supernatural means. Even the most meager scientist would agree that we only use 10 to 20 percent of our brain's abilities as it is. The ones using more of their brains than others tend to show since of telepathy, telekinesis, and prophecy, in other words ESP or ExtraSensory Perception. I would say if one crosses paths with someone who claims to be something other than human, not to jump to conclusions that they are a danger to society, unless they of course show themselves to be of an evil nature. Our neighbors could be mythical creatures such as Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Fae-folk, or even Demons, but we would never be able to tell unless they showed us. Though patience and understanding, the World can become a much more inhabitable place with or without witchhunts for said creatures. The Witchtrials that killed many, many good women through the dark ages CANNOT happen again. Knowledge and understanding are the most important tools that we have in a battle between good and evil. It is one's heart that makes them such, not their birthright. One never knows when a Vampire might protect a human from a Demon. One never knows when one of the Fae-Folk could be around to heal their wounds. We need to rely on our instinct and bring back the common decency we once lived by long ago, not delve into fear and mayhem that could ruin what is to come."

Those eloquent words were heart felt when they spoke them to the few reporters that were present. Whether the Prince and the former Regent are or are not supernatural may not be confirmed, but he has shown that his mind and heart are for what is best for all and looking towards a future that could benefit the world and not only the Slavakian Corridor. Therefore I say to all my readers:  If this man is Vladimir Dragul Tepes and he is trying to reunify the nations that once made up the Slavakian Corridor, I can only say that it is about time that someone takes a stand and brings order to the chaos that we have been experiencing for over a month now.
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