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  • The very first vampire has awoken, brought forth by the thinning of the blood at the hands of government experiments, intent on extinguishing all of his descendants whether they be deserving or not. All those of Vampyric descent in danger!

  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been summoned, threatening all mortal life upon this earth!
  • The stories of Greek Mythology that so many had thought to be myth are proving to be more real than anyone could of ever imagined, the Titans threatening to regain their control over the living.

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RP - Ethereal Planes

No New Posts Elysian Fields

- Role Play within the Elysian Fields. -

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- Role Play within the realm of Sheoul. -

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- Role Play within the realm of Tartarus. -

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RP - Adrpht Mahorela

No New Posts Cnila Coronzon

- The city of Cnila Coronzon was once a rival to Adphat Teloch, the same in size as well as population. However, one day, something happened in the city that caused the complete destruction of almost all of it’s inhabitants. Virtually every window in every building was blown out, the pristine facades of these buildings appearing burnt, as if there were a nuclear bomb set off in the cities center. Cnila Coronzon was turned into a modern day ghost town, but with sky scrapers instead of old western taverns. Of those few people that escaped the destruction, only a couple were willing to tell whispers of a great black mass that appeared in the city’s center, sinking deep within the ground. They say that this is what caused the blast in the city, that this was what caused all the death and destruction. No human ever returned to the city of Cnila Coronzon, and anyone that gets close to it tells of a feeling of dread and foreboding, causing them to turn around and not look back. -

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No New Posts Mlumir

- The city of Mlumir is as close to the old west as one can get in these times. Here one will find a band of gypsies, living much as they did before the dawn of technology. Mlumir is a desert city of tents, where camels are the preffered method of travel. These gypsies still believe in their old ways, being wary of outsiders and passing on tales of the wampyr, golems and other monsters of the night. -

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No New Posts Tonug

- Tonug is located high in the mountaintops of the Verwesen Mountains, perpetually covered in a thick sheet of snow. It is here where the Monks of the Dumah’s reside, an ancient order dedicated to an unknown God. These monks were dedicated to the service of their God, until a young man appeared, a man with a dark past and a power that the monks could not of fathomed. The Dumah’s took the man in, thinking him a drifter who needed shelter for the night. While the monks slept, this man killed each and every one of the Dumah’s, placing a curse upon them which turned them into zombies with only one purpose… to serve the man that killed them. -

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No New Posts Vonpovnph

- Vonpovnph is located in a thick, what would seem to be inhabitable swamp. Yet somehow, a fortress managed to spring up there. Vonpovnph is a city of secrecy, only one word ever being associated with it… Hollow. -

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No New Posts Ohooohaaatan

- Ohooohaaatan is more of a watchtower than a city, located strategically on the straits leading into the port of Amma Ciaofi. It was rumored once to be the home of a great and ancient King who came from the lands of Telocvovim, and much like King Arthur, the few residents that still live around the area claim that one day the King will return and resume his rightful throne. -

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No New Posts Amma Ciaofi

- Amma Ciaofi is the second largest city of Adrpht Mahorela, located on the shores of a natural port off of the Sea of Thahebiobee. It’s population almost rivals that of Adphat Teloch, but unlike the capital city, looks nothing like the bustling city it is. Amma Ciaofi resembles an old Tuscan village more than a modern day city, most of the people blissfully unaware of any of the threats that await them outside the city limits. For some reason, the city of Amma Ciaofi repels those creatures of the underworld, primarily humans living here. Yet at the same time, there are rumors that there is in fact a very powerful and old vampire who rules the city. To this day, the mayor of Amma Ciaofi has not been seen. Briefly there was a visible “leader” in the guise of a woman, however that woman has disappeared. -

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No New Posts Telocvovim

- Telocvovim is located precariously near a large, and very active, volcano. However, even with the relentless eruptions of the nearby volcano, it’s people never appear to be harmed. A rich tale has been woven by those living in Telocvovim, about a great dragon which gifted the people with the elemental power of fire, including a man who became a great and powerful King. However this dragon has yet to be seen by any outsider. -

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No New Posts Donasdogama

- Donasdogama is a small city, though not small enough to be considered a town. And it’s people certainly would like to keep it that way. The mortal families of Donasdogama have taken control of the local trade, having one of the only gold mines located in Adrpht Mahorela. Due to this, the families have grown quite rich, and quite stuck up. They consider themselves aristocrats of the modern world, and believe they should be the leaders of the entire land of Adrpht Mahorela. Sadly for them, there are not enough people for them to pose any real threat, aside from a shortage of currency. -

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on December 06, 2006, 09:43:57 PM

No New Posts Promesse Morte

- Promesse Morte is the island home located in the southern Sea of Doalim of two rival clans, the Z-Lords, and the Diggers. (For more information on this island, please refer to the clans individual histories.) -

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No New Posts Verwesen Mountains

- Thick mountainous regions throughout Adrpht Mahorela. -

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on December 06, 2006, 10:17:11 PM

No New Posts Verwesen Forest

- Thick forests throughout Adrpht Mahorela. -

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in Lost, Crumbling Agonee (...
on December 28, 2006, 04:03:04 PM

No New Posts Adphaht Teloch

- Adphat Teloch is the capital of Adrpht Mahorela, a bustling city with a large and extravagant cathedral located in it’s center. The city is comparable to an old European city, which has grown too big for it’s history. The Cathedral, though being the center of the city, is no longer its centerpoint, with skyscrapers and other buildings shrouding it in darkness. It is this cathedral that the SDA call home. (For more information on the SDA and it’s cathedral, see the “Clans & Families” section.) -

155 Posts
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Last post by Ecnal
in Re: Riders on the Storm
on March 27, 2017, 10:26:48 AM

No New Posts Theater of Pain

- A run down theater located in the "Red Light" district of Adrpht Mahorela. For a time, the Theater of Pain was a rather high class strip club and bordello. However, it seems that those who were in the management of the strip club abandoned the extravagent theater, leaving it to decay. -

64 Posts
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Last post by Simoriah
in Re: Inner Space
on March 27, 2017, 10:33:52 AM

No New Posts Teloch Graveyard

- The graveyard of Adphat Teloch. -

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Last post by Narrator Daemon
in Hey Dunderhead, I'm Over...
on December 08, 2006, 08:18:09 PM

No New Posts The Catacombs

- A vast set of catacombs are located underneath the city of Adrpht Mahorela. Originally they were part of the Cathedral here, however with the appearance of the SDA the entrance to these vast catacombs has disappeared. Now it is told that only a portal can get one into the catacombs, a portal that is perpetually moving throughout the city. Yet, even once you get in the catacombs, it is even more unlikely that you will ever find a way out. -

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Last post by Lucian
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on May 05, 2017, 09:37:54 AM

No New Posts The Dungeons

- The dungeons are located underneath the great Cathedral of Adphat Teloch. A dark and sinister part of this regions history, when the cathedral was the main proponent of spreading the religion. The dungeons were once the scene of many trials of those persecuted by the Inquisition. -

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Last post by Narrator Daemon
in Monolith (12/13/2002 - 1...
on December 08, 2006, 09:43:27 PM

No New Posts Dizzy's Room

- RP within Dizzy's room in the Cathedral of Adphat Teloch. -

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