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The Narrator

-The Narrator-

They can save a character, create sudden circumstances in any given storyline, breathe life into a storyline that may need a little boost, or even utterly piss off a player. TWORP narrators are here to make things more interesting, and more interesting they will certainly make them, so be prepared.

A narrator can appear in any storyline, anywhere at any time and do whatever it wishes, and all players affected cannot dispute or avoid it. Upon becoming a member of TWORP, you agree to abide by the actions of a narrator. You understand beforehand that there may be times certain events may take place involving your character(s) and you are prepared to accept them and play the circumstances accordingly.

In real life we never really know what can happen not even two seconds into the future. Face it, shit happens, but then so do good things. What helps to make life so challenging is the unexpected. And in TWORP role-play, our characters fictional challenges will be no less challenging than our real-life ones.

Below are two lists, one that gives examples of what a narrator can do, and one that lists the things that you never have to worry about.

Capable of…

1)Changing the weather
2)Cause a character certain afflictions such as falling ill, being bitten by a deadly insect, have his belongings stolen, etc.
3)Create natural disasters
4)Play a DC character only in the form of an animal or insect (but not a lycanthrope)
6)Bring good fortune or luck

Not capable of…

1)Dictating character emotions, dialogue or insight. Narrators only alter environment, event and circumstance, and only the character can evoke his emotions and only he can speak for himself.
2)Killing any character (except a DC).
3)Contradict a character’s personality and traits, or the way a storyline has been playing out. Example : An Uru demon cannot be affected by any disease or poison, so a narrator cannot infect this demon character. Example #2 A storyline takes place in the hot summer. A narrator cannot suddenly cause frigid temperatures or snow. (Unless it is a being or a magical force of some kind)
4)Constantly interfere in any given storyline.
5)Create illogical or outlandish events.
6)Play DC characters that use any dialogue.

There are very few narrators in TWORP, and all of them are trusted enough to be appointed the privilege. Any person found to be abusing the privilege will be stripped of his or her right to narrate. Players who get angry because of fair events caused by a narrator need to ‘get over it’ and get on with the storyline. Anyone found not acknowledging narrator events may be dubbed a ‘moder’ and asked to leave TWORP.

We assure you that the administrators go to great lengths to make certain that all events are fair and never so awful that it dictates your storyline entirely (but there’s a difference between ‘dictate’ and ‘alter’, be sure to keep that in mind). Narrators are here for fun, unpredictability and diversity in play.

-DC - Detached Characters-

Detached Characters, or DC's, are another way that TWORP uses the elements of surprise in our storylines. You can read about DC characters here, to understand the differences between narrator's and DCs.

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