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Role Player's Society

-Role Player's Society-

We have all done it, not a single freeform role-player can deny it. As players, we have, over the course of our experiences, gone against our characters personalities for the sake of others real-life feelings, or whatever other reasons. Sure, only some of us are guilty of this crime in the Third Degree, but no one is innocent. In TWORP, we have what is called ‘The Hardcore Society’. It is nothing special. We don’t gather in a private chat room, or wear ‘tags’ on our forum names, but rather we are taking the ‘The Personality Oath’ to play our characters precisely how we created them to be played, and nothing less.

We will not sell ourselves and our characters short by allowing real-life worries about our characters actions, interfere with how we play them. Why make a character that is evil, nasty, or incapable of kindness on high levels, if we, as the players, do not always play them out accordingly? There truly is no point.

This page will be short and to the point. TWORP does not expect or require all members to take this oath, but those of you that would like to, are welcome. Simply read the oath below and post a reply on the linked thread provided. Your reply can simply be your name (like a signature), or whatever you want. You can discuss this issue on the thread if you have something to say.

* * * * * * * * *

The Personality Oath

I want nothing more, than to play appropriately a whore a whore.
If my character despises women, my friends who play them will have to deal with his disposition.
If my character is a sadistic fiend, she’ll make no exceptions to spare my friend’s feelings.
If my creation has a short fuse, I won’t hold back and I won’t diffuse.
It makes sense to me, to play my character accordingly.
I will not fear character death, I will not worry of player mind-set.
So let it be known here for all to see, my character is a character, it is not me!

* * * * * * * * *

Also, Hardcore Role-Players need to know that in TWORP, you are never expected to reveal the identities of the characters that you play here, to anyone! It has been proven that the less people who know the players behind the characters, the better the experience is. You are all encouraged to keep your characters player identities a secret from everyone, even the Administrators. We do not want to know! It is irrelevant! But you can tell whomever you wish, if you do decide to do it. A word of advice: keep those you tell to very few and make certain they know you do not want them revealing your identity to others.

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