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OOC Rules

-Out of Character Rules-

1. Likely the most important rule, so it's #1 to make sure you see it. All TWORP members must join the forum under a non-character screen name! Your screen name is not a character and is used when posting any OOC (out of character) posts. Never, EVER post an out of character post under a character name (with the exception of rule #3.) Members found posting OOC under character names (even in OOC brackets) will be subject to probation! It will not kill you to take a minute to switch to your OOC account to make an OOC post.

2. If you play multiple characters in TWORP, each character must have an account of its own in the forum and in our chat rooms. Do not join one character account and play your other characters under that name, in any fashion.

3. The only times that the use of OOC (out of character) is allowed in a role-play post on the forum is when a player needs to briefly make note to other players, something in the storyline that is significant to its progress. For instance, the storyline is to be continued in another post. And, of course, these brief OOC inserts must always be in OOC brackets. The player may state the continuation, followed by the appropriate link to the other post. OOC is not allowed to engage in any OOC conversation whatsoever. When the OOC is to end up in conversation, players must go into their screen name accounts and head to the OOC board! The other way it is acceptable is when you are claiming an actor portrayal, empire, etc. for a particular character and you do not want to 'give away' the characters that you play.

4. Have a problem with someone here? Fine. However, depending on the way you go about dealing with it with will be the difference between your membership and a swift kick from our site. How to be ‘mature’ will not be explained to you. If you do not already know, then you should not be here anyway. Let’s just say that email is a private way to vent, and when it comes to OOC indifference, ‘privacy’ is key.

5. The public display of personal information (phone numbers, home addresses, etc.) is not allowed in this role-playing environment anywhere. If you are caught displaying the personal information of someone else, you will be promptly relieved of your membership. This includes, but is not limited to, photographs, family information, real names, information about where someone lives, email addresses, etc. If it is not your information to display, then don’t do it.

6. If you cannot be active in The World of Role Play for a certain period of time, we want you to understand that what does or does not happen with any of your storylines in your absence, is what must be done to maintain the stability and development of the role-play here. Unless it is unavoidable, never leave a storyline ‘hanging’. No one wants to wait months, or even weeks for a reply to keep a storyline going that your character is a part of. If you must leave The World of Role Play for any amount of time, be courteous and remove your character(s) from any storylines, first.

7. Slanderous, racial, discriminatory, derogatory or cruel comments made by you; even if it is not directed at anyone in particular here, will not be tolerated. This rule relates to rule #4, but also, it is set in place to avoid such comments about others—individually, or as a whole—in casual OOC conversation. We all have opinions, beliefs and the ability to ‘speak our mind’, but in this role-playing environment, some comments are better kept to one’s self. To put it simply, if something that you have to say, you feel has the potential to start a word-war, then don’t say it.

8. In The World of Role Play, our members are free to play their character’s in almost any way they choose to, so long as it does not cross the threshold of being considered ‘acceptable’. The following is a list that is not allowed in any of the role-play here. 1…Characters engaging in child molestation. 2…Grossly offensive sexual acts that start to seem more like your way to fulfill sick fetishes, rather than simply playing a character for what he/she is. Bi-sexuality is allowed. Gays, lesbians, BDS&M; it is all allowed, but if it seems there is more sex in your role play than actual storylines, you’ll need to tone it down, or leave. (This does not apply to a character that is a prostitute.)

9. Maintain the environment and setting of the role-play here. Storylines should always be ‘believable’. This means that when others read your threads, they will not look at them as ‘stupid’, ‘contradictory’, ‘far-fetched’, or just plain ‘nonsense’. We will not tolerate characters spitting spitballs, having ‘pudding fights’, or anything of the like. Sure, it is perfectly okay to have a ‘fun’ character that often acts out, or is just simply good-humored, but we draw the line when it seems more like your way to play OOC when you are supposed to be role-playing. And be smart about what your character does when he is acting out in a storyline. I doubt there was pudding and spitballs in the year 778.

10. THIS IS IMPORTANT!! Before going through the trouble of creating a character profile, DO NOT assume you can play a sort of character that is supposed to be a high-ranking body of any kind, until you know it is available, unclaimed, un-appointed, or even feasible. For instance, you want to play the General of an existing kingdom’s army. Unless you get with the player of who’s character currently rules that kingdom, do not take it upon yourself to think you can automatically have the role/position/rank. New members must work for such positions (mainly in-character). They are not simply ‘up for grabs’ by anyone who decides to join. This also applies to creating characters that would be considered extremely high in rank and power over inhuman beings.

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