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Helpful History

-Helpful History-

To better understand what sort of our real history exists in our role plays so that you can play on any of it accordingly, we have provided you with a historical timeline. The history on this page is past 'significant' history to give you a better idea of how to play storylines without contradicting the present play.

Historical Timeline

-60 000 - 3000 BC-

60 000 - Neanderthals prepare careful burials of the dead
30 000 - European Cro-Magnon hunters create the earliest cave art
25 000 - Early fertility cults represented by 'Venus' figurines
9000 - Beginnings of agriculture and more settled lives in the Middle East in Neolithic (New Stone Age)
8000 - Jericho in Jordan settled and fortified
4000 - Megalithic tombs of Europe
3100 - Newgrange passage grave built in Ireland

-3000 - 1700 BC-

3000 - Egyptian hieroglyphic script developed
2900 - Menes, king of Upper Egypt, unites Egypt and founds the first Dynasty of Pharaohs
2800 - First stage of Stonehenge built
2600 - Imoteph builds the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, in Egypt for Pharaoh Zoser
2550 - Great Pyramid built at Giza for Pharaoh Khufu
1950-1650 - Old Babylonian era-extispicy has become a science
1766-1050 - Shang Dynasty established in northern China

-1700 - 1000 BC-

1600 - Hittites rise to power and crush Old Babylonian Empire 1500 - Last building phase of Stonehenge
1353-1335 - Akhenaton, the heretic pharaoh, promotes the worship of Aten, an aspect of the sun god, as sole deity
1333-1323 - Tutankhamen restores the old Egyptian religion 1233 - Moses leads the Israelites out of the land of Egypt
1220 - Destruction of Troy, probably by Mycenaean Greeks
1200 - Destruction of the Late Bronze Age civilizations of the eastern Mediterranean
1000 - The Rigveda Hymns of India are written down

-1000 - 600 BC-

961-922 - King Solomon builds the great Temple in Jerusalem 935-860 - Assyrian Empire stretches from Mesopotamia to as far west as the Mediterranean
900 - Etruscans appear in Italy
900-850 - Damascus becomes major centre of Aramaean power and culture
800-300 - Age of Prophecy among the Hebrews
800-200 - Olmec civilisation-builders of first pyramid in Mesoamerica at La Venta in Mexico
753 - City of Rome founded

-600 - 4 BC-

586 - Nebuchadnezzar, Babylonian king, destroys Jerusalem and deports Judeans to Babylon
563 - Birth in Nepal of Gautama Buddha, founder of Buddhism 550-530 - Cyrus the Great founds first Persian Empire-allows the Jews to return to Judea
546 - Croseus, king of Lydia, consults the oracle at Delphi, Greece
509 - Foundation of the Roman Republic
500-479 - Persian Wars against the Greeks-Athens emerges as the leading Greek power
451 - Birth of Confucius
336-323 - Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia, creates empire from the Mediterranean to India
300 BC-AD 60 - Iron Age Celts in Britain create Uffington White Horse
210 - Great Wall of China built
27 - Augustus becomes sole ruler of the Roman Empire

-4 BC - 500 AD-

4 BC-AD 1 - Birth of Jesus Christ at Bethlehem
33 - Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
70 - Romans destroy Jerusalem and the Temple
79 - Eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Italy-Pompeii buried
313 - Constantine has vision of the cross and makes Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire
433 - Attila, king of the Huns, ravages western Europe, signaling the end of the Roman Empire

-500 - 699-

500 - Christian emperors close the last temple dedicated to the Great Mother Goddess
527 - Justinian, new emperor of Byzantium, sets out to restore the old Roman Empire
565 - Saint Columba encounters, and quells, a monster in Loch Ness, in Scotland
570 - Muhammad, Prophet of Islam, is born in Mecca in Arabia 593 - The printing press is invented in China; it uses wooden blocks
594 - Buddhism becomes the official religion of Japan
507 - Saint Augustine, sent by Pope Gregory I, arrives in England to convert the Anglo-Saxons
618 - In China the Tang Dynasty begins; Chang'an, its capital, becomes the world's largest city
622 - The rulers of Mecca force Muhammad into exile; the Muslim era begins
641 - The Persian Empire falls to the Muslims, who impose Islam and the Arabic script

-700 - 776-

c. 700 - The temples of Teotihuacan in present-day Mexico are destroyed
711 - Muslims from Morocco invade and conquer Spain
c. 759 - The Maori begin to arrive in New Zealand in their canoes
763 - The city of Baghdad is founded (in modern Iraq) and becomes the centre of Islamic culture
776 - Saxons storming a castle on Europe's river Ruhr see flaming shields in the sky

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