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Character Portrayal

-Character Portrayal-

Choosing a character picture is one of the vital parts of any freeform role-playing venture. To have that ‘visualization’ makes the setting and the experience feel more like the environment that the characters are played within. Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of pictures on the web that many role-players use everyday. However, character pictures in The World of Role Play must meet certain specifications, or they cannot be used here. We try to avoid at all costs, the use of copyrighted materials on this web site, and this includes the multitudes of fantasy artwork out there. Some artists do not mind that role-players use their art. They are flattered. But most artists do not want people using their art for any purposes the art was not intended. To avoid problems with copyrighted material, and to retain The World of Role Play setting, all members must abide by the following criteria :

1- All characters must be represented by at least one real-life picture of an actress, actor, or other ‘real’ picture. The person you choose to use will be your ‘claim’ and all famous depictions are given on a first come, first serve basis. Once you claim someone and post it on the proper board in our forum, as long as no one else chose it before you, it is your character depiction and no one else here will be able to choose and use it. For example, you decide to use Vin Diesel to represent your character, unless there are characters that are twin siblings, it would make little sense to have two characters in play that look exactly alike. So, once you decide who you want to use, make sure to post it ASAP. Note : Members cannot ‘reserve’ names for future characters.

2- Sometimes, actors may look entirely different in different movies. This gives members the opportunity to choose an actor based on the actual movie or television show he/she appears in, and allows another member to claim a portrayal of the same person from another movie. This is acceptable, as long as the actor looks very 'different'. For example: One member may claim Antonio Banderas' portrayal of the vampire Armand in 'Interview with the Vampire', and another member may choose Antonio's portrayal in '13th Warrior'. In these two movies, Antonio's characters look very different. When you claim your character portrayal, be sure to include the movie or television show that he or she is in that you wish to use. Keep in mind that some actors pretty much look similar in all of their movies, and in this case, please do not attempt to claim, for example: Angelina Jolie from 'Original Sin', just because the character 'Empress Nicia Madelhari' is portrayed by Angelina Jolie in 'Alexander'. They are too similar.

3- This may make it even more difficult for members to find that perfect character picture, but this is the way it must be, so we apologize for any inconvenience this rule may cause. All character pictures—no matter real pictures of famous people, or artwork—must be dressed in The World of Role Play’s environment and setting.

4- KEEP IN MIND, you cannot choose an actual movie character as your character. You are only using their pictures from those movies, or television to portray how your character looks. For instance, you cannot actually play the character Akasha from 'Queen of the Damned' as Akasha. However, if you are playing a real-life historical or legendary figure (Achilles, King Arthur, etc.) you may very well use that character in the role-play here and any movie pictures to portray him or her.

5- If you absolutely cannot find an acceptable character picture of whom you like that meets the requirements, or if you are adamant on using a certain person but there are no acceptable pictures of that person, we will allow it as long as the picture you choose is a ‘headshot’. We will work with you, but please try to meet our preferences before giving up and asking us to make any sort of exceptions. But understand that no picture will be allowed—no matter what—if the ‘modern feel’ cannot be eliminated from it. There are no exceptions to this rule.

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