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  • Latskaia Azov has been named Czarina! The populace rejoices, while some nobility scoff.

  • Chynica Iia Cherkess has been missing from her cell in the Imperial Dungeon. Award will be issued for any information regarding her whereabouts that leads to her recovery.
  • Corvus Markalov has been charged with the murder of 6 Imperial Guards. Trial to be set imminently.

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-Link to our persistent chat room on Oasiz.

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No New Posts Announcements

- Any announcements reguarding Nevereskaya, or The World of Role Play will be posted here. Check back often!

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No New Posts General Help

- If you need any help in RP, or have any questions about anything here in Neverskaya, post a message on this board.

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No New Posts Talk Talk

- For any OOC talk that is not RP related.

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Child Boards: Joke Board

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No New Posts Character Profile Board

- All pending character profiles are posted here until they are reviewed and completed. If you have a new character, place that character profile on this board!

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No New Posts Character Claim

- Claim the actor, actress, singer, model, etc. for the portrayal of your character on this board.

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No New Posts Pre-Made Character Profiles

- Read pre-made character profiles here and claim one to play!

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No New Posts In Character Games

- The place for those IC surveys and quizzes.

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RP - Neverskayan Role Play

No New Posts Chat Logs

- Chat Logs from all Empire of Nevereskaya Chats go here.

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No New Posts The Town Cryer

- IC announcements are posted here.

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No New Posts North Countryside

- The northern countryside of Neverskaya is bound by the Kuibyishev Sea and speckled with various lakes and rivers, including the legendary Bestrashimi Lakes. Here you will also find inhospitable tundra and dense forests.

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on September 28, 2013, 12:53:25 AM

No New Posts Tanguska Mountains

- Some of the highest mountains in all of Nevereskaya can be found here, and only two passes yield safe passage of a certain degree to those who venture through them. The Tanguska mountains are ill rumored, and many a stray Necromancer of the Empire of Bellepheron has made a natural cave in these mountain it's home. Dread hounds, skeletal warriors and bone dragons all account for more trade caravans and expeditions to never make their way home than the Empire would care to loose.

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Last post by Soldier
in Re: Into the heart of da...
on June 11, 2017, 12:14:05 AM

No New Posts Strakar Forest

- Strakar forest, or the forest of dark Shadow, is one of the most feared places in all of the Empire. The forest itself is truly ancient, and within it one will even find the ruins of elven temples and palaces, which later served as the foundations for castles of the Bellepheron Empire. Newer castles and guard towers also were built there by some of the warlords of Nevereskaya when planning their revolution against the Empire of Bellepheron. All these buildings however have long since been abandoned, and many are said to have become the homes of dark and sinister creatures, who plot the destruction of the Empire from within their secluded abodes.

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No New Posts Karansk

- The Province of Karansk is ruled over by the Nevsky House, and is home to the capitol of the Nevereskayan Empire - Kalinin. You will also find the fabled Amber Mines within the province, as well as Nevsky Palace.

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Last post by Aequitas Markalov
in Re: Lights Go Out
on October 31, 2017, 10:54:57 AM

Child Boards: Kalinin - Nevsky Palace, Throne Room, Palace Library, Royal Chambers, Dungeons, Gilded Gremlin Inn
No New Posts Propklinsk

- The Propklinsk Province is home to the House Borodin, who make their home in the illustrious city of Yljina. Frigid steppes make up Propklinsk's northern reaches, while the rest of the lands are made up of frozen tundra dotted with ancient pine forests.

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Child Boards: Yljina - House Borodin
No New Posts Wyzkov

- The province of Wyzkov is home to House Markalov, making their home in the bitterly harsh windswept steppes of Krasnyj. Here one will find the highly prized Kralvoma wild horses. It is rumored that only one of Marklov descent can catch and tame one of these horses. Many have tried, only to justify this rumor. The Kralvoma and the Markalov seem kindred spirits, even to the extent that a steed will occasionally arrive at the house where a Markalov noble had just been born, never to leave their side again.

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Last post by Aequitas Markalov
in Re: I Swear, I Don’t Kno...
on November 23, 2012, 03:19:29 PM

Child Boards: Krasnyj - House Markalov, Regajion - The Tower of Ice
No New Posts Zimat Mountains

- At the most southern end of Nevereskaya are the Zimat mountains, home to the dwarfs of Zhufbar. Their magnificent halls pale even the largest feats of human architecture, and they mine precious ores from deep below the earth. These are the safest mountains to venture through, and even so these too are home to a myriad of dangerous creatures. Anything from fierce dragons to hordes of goblins who hunt travelers and merchantmen prowl these parts.

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Last post by Karina Ramius
in Re: I Could Be Your Ever...
on October 07, 2016, 10:49:01 AM

Child Boards: Zirnats - House Zhufbar
No New Posts Mount Bukhar

- Mount Bukhar is the highest and also the largest mountain in all of Nevereskaya. Many roads wind upwards, all leading to the town of Erengrad, capital to house Kislev and the province of Kislev. The entire mountain is surrounded by a large natural wall, which keeps the enemies of house Kislev at bay. Often in times of great strive, people from over the land travel to mount Kislev to find protection.

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Last post by DC House Zhufbar
in Re: A Treacherous Way
on October 22, 2012, 06:09:27 PM

Child Boards: Erengrad - House Kislev
No New Posts Crolntav

- The Province of Crolntav is cut through by the river Ulshoi, a rapid flowing river, which can't even be tamed by winter's touch. It is treacherous to navigate, but the people who live at the shores of this river praise it, for many salmons and other kinds of fish make it their habitat offering plenty of food in even the coldest of winters. Here, the Tupolev family rule over these lands.

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Child Boards: Frolovo - House Tupolev
No New Posts Churminsk

- Far inland and well away from the Bestrashimi Ocean and Kuibyishev Sea, one will find the Province of Churminsk. Seated at the heart of Nevereskayan lands, the city of Saint Alexiiburg boasts home to the legendary and revered Alexii Zucharov. It is also within these lands, where it is rumored that Alexii also disappeared. Churminsk is ruled over by the noble House of Azov.

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Last post by Karina Ramius
in Re: Silence is Golden
on October 31, 2017, 11:08:47 AM

Child Boards: Saint Alexiiburg - House Azov, Mount Koesjva
No New Posts Cil'danar Forests

- The Cil'danar forests seem almost to come out of nowhere, the frozen steppes of Shan'halla suddenly ending to be met by a wall of wood. These are the only woods where elves still reside, and those who venture in it with ill intent are never heard from again. Little is known about this forest, for those who enter it dare not speak of it, and when asked if it is because of the evil which might reside there, those people solemnly shake their head.

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Child Boards: Shen'halla - House Valkursk Mar'dal
No New Posts Vankistia

- The Vankistia Province is a land that seems in perpetual twilight, home to the fabled lights of Naefre and the ominous Hell Fen. It is known far and wide for the lands mystical and unearthly traits and treasures, bringing many a traveler from far and wide to seek out the lands natural energies. Vankistia is home to House Cherkess, who rule from the city of Hyranion.

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Last post by Krisper
in Re: A storm Brewing
on October 05, 2016, 03:27:51 PM

Child Boards: Hyranion - House Cherkess, Hell Fen
No New Posts Mordvia

- The province of Mordvia is where one can find the Rith Eryn woods, from the outside it would seem as but a small insignificant forest. Within however are many small ponds who reflect the stars even at day, it is said that at times these ponds reveal happenings from both past, present and future. The forest itself often seems to fill the air with a music in a speech long forgotten by all the races of the planet. On the outskirts of the forest, but near enough to hear it's whispers, one will find the home of the Shostokavich family, the lavish city of Ekaterinburg.

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Child Boards: Ekaterinburg - House Shostokavich
No New Posts Yvaan Forest

- No forest in all of the Empire is so large as Yvaan forest, covering most of the provinces of Balasjov and Glazov Vizinga. Ramiski, the capitol of Glazov Vizinga stands in the middle of the forest, built within a crater formed by some ancient meteor impact. It is a truly magnificent forest, it's leaves always having a strange orange hue as if perpetual autumn reigns there. Within the forest are many lakes and small rivers which are told to possess wholesome healing qualities.

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Last post by Czarina Ekaterina Nevsky
in The Price of Lies
on March 27, 2017, 09:59:07 PM

Child Boards: Ramiski - House Ramius
No New Posts Balasjov

- The Balasjov Province is ruled over the by the ancient House Borlik, home to the fabled Oracle of Ynazit, who regularly visits the nearby Bestrashimi lakes of the Northern countryside. It is these lakes that are rumored to give the Oracle her insight and longevity.

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Last post by ValNor Borlik
in Re: Stress
on May 23, 2013, 09:05:42 PM

Child Boards: Lebedin - House Borlik

RP - Bellepheron Role Play

No New Posts Bellepheron Crier

- Informational board of the Bellepheron Empire. Announcements are also posted her.

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Last post by Razith Asryn
in Call For Brotherhood.
on March 13, 2013, 12:52:15 PM

No New Posts Strabhara

- The capital of the struggling Bellepheron Empire lays far South of the frigid lands of Nevereskaya. Vast open plains lead to sweltering jungles and swamps which are annually plagued by monsoons that last for months. The lands are dotted with various tribes and warlords struggling to gain control, and bring the ancient Empire back to the greatness it once was. Back to how the Empire was before the wretched warlord, Alexander Nevsky, massacred thousands of Bellepheron men and women and ran them out of their rightful lands in the North.

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Last post by Elysia_Lovelace
in Re: A business propositi...
on June 11, 2017, 08:14:53 AM

Child Boards: Strabhara Tavern & Inn
No New Posts Lotstrova

- Lotstrova is known to be the Red Light District of the Bellepheron Lands. It is a land of lawlessness and debauchery, where any forbidden pleasure can be bought or sold. People of all sorts, from politicians and holy men, to gypsies and thieves come here to fulfill their less savory cravings and urges.

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Last post by Taisiya Elrodien
in Re: No Chance in Hell
on July 08, 2013, 08:54:02 PM

No New Posts Vorganen

– Found in the far southern tip of Bellepheron lands, Vorganen is located within the sweltering heat of the swamplands that rim the vast Ofvleg Ocean. The sweltering heat and humidity have caused the residents of these lands to take on a much different lifestyle than some of their northern counterparts – frequently coating their faces and bare flesh with mud to keep the sun from burning them, and living in elevated huts to keep from residing within the swamp waters itself. One cannot reach the city of Vorganen without a canoe or raft. Worshiping the Gods of the Sun, and Death that always follows the heat, the people residing in these Lands have a respect for the lands that surround them that are unsurpassed by many.

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Last post by Krisper
in Re: Respect
on October 05, 2016, 03:24:18 PM

No New Posts Mebloarga

– Mebloarga is located in the fertile, yet dangerous lands between the dense Votsek Forest and the Wlroga Jungles – on the cusp of the temperate and the rainforest. It is a land that is blessed with precious stones, trees, and animals – all of which can be used to extract the deadliest of poisons and the most powerful serums to be used in the Dark Arts. While the necessities for potion making and spell work can be found anywhere, it is within the lands of Mebloarga where the best ingredients are found.

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Last post by Simoriah
in Re: Inhale
on October 07, 2016, 09:55:54 AM

No New Posts Wokiafas

– A thriving port town, Wokiafas is known by many to be the hub of the slave trade. Visitors from all lands afar come here to bid on and sell the best manpower the lands have to offer. It is a land of strict rules and regulation, lest the merchandise get any ideas about trying to vie for their own freedom.

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