The Lands

-The Land and Its Surroundings-

"Such wonders poor contained,
by men who seek survival.
A land so ill restrained,
since civilization's arrival."

Excerpt from the verse "Nevereskaya"
by Gregarious Blythe from the Principality of Avensor.


The Empire of Nevereskaya is a vast land, which is bound by the Bestrashimi Ocean to the west, the Kuibyishev Sea to the North, and the grand Empire of Bellepheron to the south. The Eastern extremities remain largely uncharted, being bleak and inhospitable lands which have changed hands many times over by feudal warlords and petty princes. 

The climate of Nevereskaya ranges from temperate to extremely cold, and large parts of the land are mainly windswept steppes, desolate mountains or treacherous pine forests. It is true that the land in many respects is inhospitable to the mortal beings of this world, yet despite it's extremities, or perhaps because of it, it is a most wondrous land; and many beings from distant lands have visited the Icy Empire to behold it's great wonders.

-Hills and Mountains-

Most of the southwestern borders of Nevereskaya are mountain ranges which have been sung in many songs for keeping the enemies of the people at bay. True though this might be, the mountains are by no means friendly to the Nevereskayans themselves either. Treacherous, cold and desolate those who venture through them often fall victim to avalanches or frostbite.

At the most southern end of Nevereskaya are the Zimat mountains, home to the dwarfs of Zhufbar. Their magnificent halls pale even the largest feats of human architecture, and they mine precious ores from deep below the earth. These are the safest mountains to venture through, and even so these too are home to a myriad of dangerous creatures. Anything from fierce dragons to hordes of goblins who hunt travelers and merchantmen prowl these parts.

To the southwest one will find the Tanguska mountains. Some of the highest mountains in all of Nevereskaya can be found here, and only two passes yield safe passage of a certain degree to those who venture through them. The Tanguska mountains are ill rumored, and many a stray Necromancer of the Empire of Bellepheron has made a natural cave in these mountain it's home. Dread hounds, skeletal warriors and bone dragons all account for more trade caravans and expeditions to never make their way home than the Empire would care to loose.

Mount Koesjva, a solitary mountain near Saint Alexiiburg is an altogether different story. It would seem almost unnatural, for it seems to be a nearly solid and single piece of rock crafted by the Gods themselves. Many crystalline glaciers give it a shimmering hue when the sun sets and rises, and on the day of Retribution (an annual feast to celebrate the independence of Nevereskaya), thousands of pilgrims venture to the mountain to pay homage to Alexii Zucharov, who disappeared in those parts.

Mount Bukhar is the highest and also the largest mountain in all of Nevereskaya. Many roads wind upwards, all leading to the town of Erengrad, capital to house Kislev and the province of Kislev. The entire mountain is surrounded by a large natural wall, which keeps the enemies of house Kislev at bay. Often in times of great strive, people from over the land travel to mount Kislev to find protection.

-Forests and Woods-

Most of the forests within Nevereskaya consist of pines who stood their ground for centuries. Some forests span thousands of acres, and still remain largely unchartered, caravans preferring to bypass these woods rather than venture through them. Still, most of the forests of Nevereskaya seem to hold some unearthly beauty and age, and are much saver than one would expect. Perhaps it is because far before even the time of the thirteen tribes, these woods were home to an ancient race of elves.

The Cil'danar forests seem almost to come out of nowhere, the frozen steppes of Shan'halla suddenly ending to be met by a wall of wood. These are the only woods where elves still reside, and those who venture in it with ill intent are never heard from again. Little is known about this forest, for those who enter it dare not speak of it, and when asked if it is because of the evil which might reside there, those people solemnly shake their head.

Strakar forest, or the forest of dark Shadow, is one of the most feared places in all of the Empire. The forest itself is truly ancient, and within it one will even find the ruins of elven temples and palaces, which later served as the foundations for castles of the Bellepheron Empire. Newer castles and guard towers also were built there by some of the warlords of Nevereskaya when planning their revolution against the Empire of Bellepheron. All these buildings however have long since been abandoned, and many are said to have become the homes of dark and sinister creatures, who plot the destruction of the Empire from within their secluded abodes.

No forest in all of the Empire is so large as Yvaan forest, covering most of the provinces of Balasjov and Glazov Vizinga. Ramiski, the capitol of Glazov Vizinga stands in the middle of the forest, built within a crater formed by some ancient meteor impact. It is a truly magnificent forest, it's leaves always having a strange orange hue as if perpetual autumn reigns there. Within the forest are many lakes and small rivers which are told to possess wholesome healing qualities.

 -Rivers, Lakes and Streams-

There being so many mountains, and Nevereskaya's northeastern borders being bound by oceans, it is only natural that many rivers flow through the Empire. Some are treacherous and wild flowing, while others are used as a save way to transport goods and cargo through the vast Empire. In winter most of the more tame rivers are frozen, and when covered with snow form dangerous traps for armies who move through the Empire.

The Romarov river is the largest flowing river in all of the Empire. It begins at the foot of mount Bukhar until flowing out into the Fell Sea. Kalinin is divided into two parts at the mouth of the river, and during the summer, ships loaded with many goods can sail all the way up to mount Bukhar to deliver their precious load.

The river Ulshoi is a rapid flowing river, which can't even be tamed by winter's touch. It is treacherous to navigate, but the people who live at the shores of this river praise it, for many salmons and other kinds of fish make it their habitat offering plenty of food in even the coldest of winters.

The Bestrashimi lakes have been place to an already much celebrated battle, when the current Czar Maxim Nevsky used simple catapults to smash away the ice beneath the feat of heavily armored foes and massed ranks of the undead. The three lakes for some strange reason seem to attract many oracles, mystics and soothsayers. Perhaps it is because of the northern lights who play strange tricks within these parts, or perhaps it holds a stranger reason still.

-Other Wonders-

A land so old as Nevereskaya, is bound to be filled with many wondrous feats of architecture and ancient landmarks created by nature itself. Some of these wonders have been created by the Nevereskayan people themselves, whereas others have won the test of time, even outliving the cultures who created them.

The most famous wonder of all of Nevereskaya is the tower of Ice, Regajion. It's name is telling, for indeed the tower is made purely out of crystal clear ice, and spirals upwards for many leagues to even pierce through the clouds. It stands solitary in the Krasnyj steppes, and no living thing resides within it. Instead the icy cold which is so strong within the tower serves to preserve the bodies of all the Czars and Czarinas of old, who have been laid there to rest.

Nevsky palace is the seat of government for the Empire of Nevereskaya. And it's architecture is typical to it's people. Made only of gold, amber and marble the structure is unsurpassed in both the splendor and wealth it radiates. The Amber spires which surround the palace serve as offices to those who are in the council of Nevereskaya.

The Rith Eryn woods, from the outside it would seem as but a small insignificant forest. Within however are many small ponds who reflect the stars even at day, it is said that at times these ponds reveal happenings from both past, present and future. The forest itself often seems to fill the air with a music in a speech long forgotten by all the races of the planet.

Hell Fen, as Rith Eryn is beautiful so Hell Fen is dark and ominous. It is a truly immense castle made of an unknown stone which would almost seem to absorb light. Next to nothing is known about it, or the race who created the castle. All that is known of them are their ghostly ancestors who can often be heard offering piercing howls to the night sky. Even armies who marched out to occupy the castle have never been heard from again...

-As the Land Rolls On-

And so we conclude our brief journey of these lands. Many more can be told, of the lights of Naefre, the Rinov Caves or Sovremenny Hall. But these, my intrepid reader, are all things left for your own eyes to see, as are all the wonders of Nevereskaya. Those who choose the safest course, will often see the least of this world...