Imperial Navy

Nevereskaya always having been surrounded by mostly hostile countries, it is been a matter of obvious import to construct a strong naval force to protect the shores of our eternal Empire as well as safeguard our commercial shipping and conduct trade with nations overseas, importing and exporting a myriad of goods.

At the dawn of the Empire of Nevereskaya, the navy mostly consisted of a few captured man-of-wars which were pressed into service to protect the shores of our lands. As the Empire grew however in power and wealth, so did her navy, not in an display of power and prestige but simply to accommodate the growing need for cargo room in which to transport items of Nevereskayan produce. Now the Imperial Navy of Nevereskaya is considered to be second to none, only the royal Navy of the principality of Avensor can contend with the Imperial Navy in the Bestrashimi Ocean, a thing which some would say thankfully, has never come to the test.

Both the commercial and military navy are property of the Imperial council, and Nevereskaya is unique for having an admiral not only for the military navy, but also for the commercial and fishing fleet.

Below you will find the division of our fleet as well as the larger vessels within them, giving a short description of the type and class of vessel.

Bestrashimi Fleet

N.I.V. Sovremenny (Royal Flagship) ~98 gun man-of-war~

N.I.V. Aurora (Flagship) ~98 gun man-of-war~

N.I.V. Czar Nevsky ~98 gun man-of-war~

N.I.V. Divine Right ~98 gun man-of-war~

N.I.V. Saint Alexii ~98 gun man-of-war~ (Recently lost with all hands)

N.I.V. Twelve Provinces ~74 gun battleship~

N.I.V. Star of Kalinin ~74 gun battleship~

N.I.V. Retribution ~74 gun battleship~

N.I.V. The Cavalry Maiden ~74 gun battleship~

N.I.V. Shostakovich ~62 gun frigate~ (Attached to fleet as training vessel)

N.I.V. Nastoychivy ~62 gun frigate~

N.I.V. Boadicea ~34 gun light frigate~

N.I.V. Vindictive ~34 gun light frigate~

N.I.V. Griffon ~16 gun clipper~ (auxiliary vessel)

N.I.V. Morning Bell ~16 gun clipper~

N.I.V. Impetuous ~16 gun clipper~


Kuibyeshev Fleet

N.I.V. Saint Basil (Flagship) ~98 gun man-of-war~

N.I.V. Novaya Zemblya ~98 gun man-of-war~

N.I.V. Princess Sophia ~98 gun man-of-war~

N.I.V. Northern Light ~98 gun man-of-war~

N.I.V. Supreme Patriarch ~74 gun battleship~

N.I.V. Cirrus Minor ~74 gun battleship~ (Experimental ship fitted with iron plated hull)

N.I.V. Rhadamantine ~74 gun battleship~

N.I.V. Amber Breeze ~74 gun battleship~ (Disappeared under suspicious circumstances)

N.I.V. Kishinev ~74 gun battleship~

N.I.V. Archangelsk ~62 gun frigate~

N.I.V. Admiral Kutuzov ~62 gun frigate~

N.I.V. Grey Cardinal ~62 gun frigate~

N.I.V. Revolyutsii ~62 gun frigate~

N.I.V. Capricorn ~34 gun light frigate~

N.I.V. Taurus ~34 gun light frigate~

N.I.V. Diamond ~16 gun fast clipper~

-The Admirality of the Nevereskayan Imperial Navy-


Fleet Admiral (All Fleets) - None
Admiral (Per Fleet) - None
Captain 1st Rank (Per Ship) - None
Captain 2nd Rank (Per Ship) - None
Lieutenant (Per Ship) - None
Chief Petty Officer (Per Ship) - None
Petty Officer 1st Class (Per Ship) - None
Senior Sailor (Per Ship) - None
Sailor (Per Ship) - None
Quartermaster (Per Ship) - None