Bellepheron Tribes

-Bellepheron Tribes-

The Bosszu – The largest of the Bellepheron tribal clans, they are spread throughout the lands. Despite being so widespread, there are relatively few political squabbles or plays for power since the Bosszu were united by the warlord, Razith Asryn some fifteen years ago. It is Razith’s goal to bring the Bellepheron Empire back to the greatness it once was, and the first task toward this end is to unite the other warring tribes and clans. As such, the Bosszu are always at war with opposing clans – namely the Shinigami – trying to subdue the clans into submission to gain complete control over the Bellepheron lands.

The Shinigami – The second largest tribe, they are known as “The Gods of Death”, and are rumored to have no true order or rules – save for one: The Shinigami never let a person live when they raid village or city. The Shinigami are known only to attack at night, and are rarely seen during the day. When they do venture out into the day, they are heavily robed so that not an inch of their deathlike pale skin shows – lest it be burned by the rays of the sun. It is also rumored that they eat the dead after they are conquered, but none outside of the Shinigami have ever seen such. The Shinigami are engaged in a near constant war with the Bosszu, vehemently against their attempted reign over the Bellepheron lands. Most of the time, they put up a very good front against the Bosszu, save for one downfall. The Shinigami have a code in their ranks, that if an individual of higher rank dies at the hands of a fellow Shinigami, they inherit that higher rank and effectively take their place. This has led to numerous cases of treachery and murder amongst them. Still, the Shinigami believe that with the right leader, the tribe can be controlled given the direction they need to really oppose the Bosszu.

The Doku – One of the smaller clans, but feared greater than even the Shinigami, are The Doku. Known as “The Snake People”, it is said they are of serpent descent, their tattooed bodies resembling the snakes they claim their lineage from. They are highly skilled in the use of poisons and stealth attack. It is rumored that the Doku regularly consume the poisons they use, so that they are no longer susceptible to any type of toxin. Residing in the southern jungles, they do not travel out of the security of the trees often, but when they do, they are easily picked out and typically avoided. Those who dare enter the jungles where the Doku reside will find themselves behind watched from every angle the moment they enter, yet never once will they lay eyes on the individual watching them. The Doku are not a warlike tribe, and are the most democratic out of all the Bellepheron tribes. This does not mean they would not enter battle, but every single action will be thought out before it is taken.

The Vaudou – The Vaodou are a tribe that are linked closely to the Doku, frequently trading and allying with them for common goals. The Vaodou and the Doku are also the only tribes that prearrange marriages between their members. The Vaodou are keenly adept at magics, and highly skilled in the medicinal arts. They live in the swamps and marshlands to the east of the Doku jungles, where many of the herbs and plants necessary for powerful tonics and spells are found. It is the Vaodou that many members of other tribes turn to when they have a need for curses, hexes, or spells – and the Vaodou willingly give it, for a price. It is the Vaudou’s mercenary magic tendencies that are the only cause of strife between the Vaudau and the Doku, who would prefer to stay out of the matters of the other tribes.

The Shou – The Shou are the tribe that reside closest to the Nevereskayan borders, frequently enduring much of the harsh arctic weather that comes blustering down from those lands in a torrent of hail, wind, and frigid temperatures. It is this close vicinity to the Nevereskayan borders that brought about the practice that has caused much hatred and vilification of the Shou by the other tribes – The Shou regularly trade with nearby Nevereskayan villages and towns. The Shou forests and tundra are rich with game, and some of the finest mink and elk pelts can be hunted in Shou lands. Even worse than this, in the eyes of the other tribes, some Shou claim allegiance to the Nevereskayan throne, even to the point that claiming the Shou are not of Bellepheron descent at all, but Nevereskayan – distantly related to the Nevereskayan noble House Ramius. Similar to the Ramius House (The House of Dragons), the Shou believe they are descendents of ancient creatures, and have inherited special abilities from their animalistic pasts – an inherent riding ability that rival even the Markalov, and a keen sense of nature that surrounds them and how to use it to their advantage. Some even whisper that they are shape shifters, and this is how they acquire such rich pelts from the elk, bears, and other creatures of the land – by literally turning into the creature to sneak up on it. All in all, the Shou are a much more peaceful tribe than the others, but this does not mean they will not retaliate if provoked.